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  1. Curt Daniels
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    Sleeping bag pocket too small, but bag is still a good one, July 15, 2009
    Curt Daniels (Columbus, GA) –

    This review is from: TETON Sports Explorer 4000 Internal Frame Backpack (Sports)
    I read the earlier review about the sleeping bag pocket being too small, but bought this backpack anyway. Sure enough, you weren’t lying! As soon as I took the backpack out of the box, I grabbed my sleeping bag and tried to stuff it in there. After about 5 minutes of jockying it around, I did manage to BARELY get the thing zipped up. However, the sleeping bag I used is my summer bag. If I tried to stuff my winter bag in there, with bivy sack and stuff sack, there’s no way it would all fit. This can be a problem if you’re intending on doing a legitimate backpacking trip in high altitudes with cold weather. All this being said, I’m in the Army and I take a different approach to this issue than most civilian hikers probably do. In my opinion, you don’t need to have your sleeping bag available for quick access. The only time you use it is at night, when you’ll have time to dig in your bag and get it anyway. Since the sleeping bag pocket is too small, just throw your sleeping bag in the big compartment…this compartment is large enough to easily hold a winter bag. Use the sleeping bag compartment for more important items that you might actually need to access quickly (medical kit, rain gear, flashlight, signaling device, GPS, knife, etc.) Therefore, problem solved. No need to return the bag.

    Another negative I saw mentioned in a previous review is all the excess straps that hang loose. Not a problem…just get some 100mph tape and tie it all down. Too easy.

    The rest of the pack seems to be quality. The material seems durable and there is a good deal of padding along the back and straps for a comfortable fit. Everything is adjustable so you won’t have any problems getting this backpack to fit all shapes and sizes of hikers. It also has a quickly accessible rain cover which will definitely come in handy during those suprise thunderstorms.

    All in all, this pack seems to be pretty reasonable for the price you pay. I’m going to Colorado for a 3 day hike soon and will be taking this pack with me. I’ll update this review upon return to let you know how it holds up in the elements.


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  2. Cyclist01222
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    Sleeping Bag Compartment Size is Relative !!, July 16, 2010
    Cyclist01222 (Williamsburg,VA USA) –

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    I have been looking at packs for a few weeks and decided to purchase the Teton Explorer 4000(Gray) because of the features, good reviews and bargain price. It arrived today and I’m not disappointed! The shipping box was in sad shape, dunnage was minimal and the packing tape was messed up but the pack was unmolested inside a plastic bag. That was the worse part.

    I don’t concur with some of the negatives described in other reviews here. The zippers do not stick, they open and close just fine. I don’t know how one can declare the sleeping bag compartment too small… compared to what? This is a 4000ci bag and advertised as such… it is what it is. I did fit my Sleep Cell 30 degree mummy bag in there no problem. I could even squeeze in a few extra items. I can fit two of my 50 degree summer bags in also… together. Yes, if you have a giant, fluffy, 5 lb, -20 degree winter bag, it probably won’t fit here. This is a med sized, 4000ci backpack designed to carry backpacking style sleeping bags, not ones designed to drive to the cabin or car camp. I hope this clears things up if you’re hesitant due to other reviewers dubbing it “too small”… it fits most common bags just fine for a 4000ci pack. Besides, having to compress your bag and squeeze it in compacts your load and saves weight – stuff sack not needed. This is the best way to pack a 4000ci backpack! Use waterproof bags to protect sensitive items where needed.

    The material seems to be of good, sturdy quality. The straps and buckles are very sturdy also and I see no difference after comparing them to the straps and buckles on Kelty, Jansport or Northface bags I examined in stores. If they do break, Walmart sells buckles and straps for pennies – made by Outdoor Products. I will carry extra with me when I use it.

    This bag has plenty of straps, loops (daisy chains) and pockets to carry everything you need. It even has a cinch strap above the side with the two pockets. It has a rubber backing to protect the bag and will cinch down your tent poles, walking stick or whatever you can fish down between the two pockets and bag – remember these pockets are pass-through which allows you to slip items behind them. The pack is very comfortable and rests on your hips very well. I did try it out packed full for an hour. When I removed the back stays to bend them for a better fit the rubber boots came off the lower ends and I had to spend a few minutes fishing them out. To prevent this from happening next time I duct taped them in place.

    The lifetime warranty on the tag says: “… original owner only and excludes normal wear and tear (e.g., zippers that wear out after extended use) or misuse. If, after inspection, a product is determined by us to be defective in workmanship or materials, we will repair or replace it at our option, at no cost to the original owner.”

    The trifold tag also includes full description of features, how to fit it properly, and how to load it with your gear… really good info.

    I will give an update after I use it in the field.

    Update 6 Sep 2010:

    Packed it with 40 lbs and hiked 12 miles in St. Mary’s Wilderness,VA. Stayed 2 nights in these remote mountains and it performed fine. Passing Hikers commented that I “looked ready for anything with such a great pack”. I guess all the attachment points, straps, pockets and bottle holders impressed them. I tossed and dragged it on the ground and ran it into trees and rocks. It also made a great camp chair and pillow – the back pads are soft and supportive. There were no malfunctions – no complaints.

    Update 21 Jan 2011:

    I purchased a larger, 20 degree Field and Stream MT20 mummy bag (for backpacking) suitable for colder weather and guess what?… it also fits in the sleeping bag compartment of this 4000ci backpack! A few extra seconds of compressing does the job. I kind of like the fact that the load is made smaller by having to squeeze it in there a bit. This keeps your load more compact and easier to carry… a plus to me. This is a great 4000ci pack!


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