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  1. Marilyn Burton
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    I love this camera bag. Exactly what I needed, January 21, 2016
    Marilyn Burton (COLORADO, US) –

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    I looked at this bag in a camera store and almost bought it there, but hesitated at the price of $169.99, so I went home to think about. I had been out of town, but only an hour away from my home when I had checked out the bag. Later, I decided that if I could spend thousands of dollars on cameras and lenses, I could spend $170 on a bag to protect them. I decided to look and see if I could find the bag on Amazon, so I wouldn’t have to drive an hour to the store that carried it. I found this one for only $102 in my second favorite color. Now that I have it, I love the color (olive).

    Now about the bag: I need it to carry at least the following: My Nikon D800, my Nikon P900, my 28-300mm lens, and my 80-400mm lens. I also want to carry some cleaning equipment (bulb, brushes, lens paper, and microfiber cloths), camera batteries and chargers. I would like to sometimes carry my SB-900 flash, a rain sleeve, and some filters.

    Here are the pockets/compartments of the bag:
    * There is a main insert that goes in the bag. This insert has 4 removable dividers. It also has 4 pockets – 2 in the front and 1 on each side.
    * Also inside the main compartment is a slot for a computer and one for a tablet. It only advertises that a 15 inch laptop computer would fit, but I was able to put my Toshiba laptop which has a 15.6 screen, so I guess their estimates are for a different brand. However, due to the weight, I really doubt I would use it for my laptop and my cameras.
    * In addition, there is a zippered compartment on the inside front of the bag and 2 additional pockets below that.
    * The back of the bag has a strap that can be used over the handle of a rolling suitcase, but it also has a zipper with a main compartment and 4 pockets. 2 of these pockets are narrow for pens or camera lens brushes.
    * On both sides of the bag, there is an expandable mesh pocket which would fit a water bottle or something of similar size.
    * The top of the bag has a zipper for easy access to the main compartment.
    * The front of the bag has 2 zippered compartments on the outside of the flap. The flap is attached both by Velcro and by straps that easily and quickly slide to the side to remove. Under that flap, there are 6 more pockets in the front.
    * There is a carry handle on the top, or you can use the shoulder strap which also has a smaller strap attached to keep the bag in place if you are wearing it while biking.
    * When the flap is closed, the top side edges are pleated so that there is no opening gap.
    * Lastly, there is a reversible cover. One side is black and keeps out the rain. The other side is reflective to reflect off the sun to keep the bag cooler in the sunlight.

    That makes a total of 4 pockets on the outside of the insert , 3 pockets plus the laptop and tablet compartments in the main compartment, 8 pockets on the front of the bag, 2 pockets on the side of the bag, and 5 pockets on the back of the bag. Plus 2 ways to get inside the main compartment (front and top), and a way to safely carry the bag on top of rolling luggage.

    Here is how I pack it with everything in it:
    I didn’t use every compartment by a long shot, but here is what I used:
    The main compartment and the insert: In the removable insert, I packed the Nikon D800 with the 300mm lens on it. I put this in the middle of this insert so that I could get to it easily from the quick-access zipper on the top of the bag. I put a divider on both sides of that camera, and I placed the camera so that the sides of the camera are touching the front and back of the insert. (This gives me more room on both sides so I could fit the other two large items.) On one side of the camera, I put the 80-400mm lens with the hood attached in the reversed position. On the other side of the camera, I put my Nikon P900 with its 24 to 2000mm permanently attached lens. In one of the front pockets of this insert, I put my rain sleeve. I put a few extra batteries in the other pocket (2 for each camera), along with my lens filter holder. There is a little bit of room in the main compartment next to the insert (on the side). I tried fitting my SB-900 flash in there and it fits, but it is a bit tight, so even if it starts out there, I would probably end up moving it by the end of the day. I discovered that I could also fit the flash in the main compartment by laying it on top of the insert. It won’t fit over the 400mm lens, but it fit over the 2 cameras. So I put one of my 4 lens filter holders in the space next to the insert. It fits perfectly and is not too tight. I have other places for the other lens filters.

    Tablet compartment inside the main compartment: I can fit my Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 in there, but probably won’t carry it in the bag.

    Laptop compartment inside the main compartment: My 4th (and last) lens filter holder only has 4 filters…

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  2. DC-Brooklyn
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    Perfect for my needs, May 5, 2014
    DC-Brooklyn (Brooklyn, NY) –

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    I need to carry an OMD EM1 with the 12 – 40 2.8 attached, and the 45 1.8, and the FL600. This bag comfortably does the job, and probably could handle another prime lens. I have the Think Tank Mirrorless Mover 20 as well, which is just a little too small. The camera sits lens down in the Tenba, with room for other things on both sides. WIth the Think Tank, I had to place the camera on its side, with the lens situated horizontally. Other equipment could be fit in, but less well secured, and less well protected from each other. Another advantage of this Tenba is the top zipper, which gives good access, but keeps the contents securely protected. With the Think Tank, the whole top must be flipped up to get access to what’s inside, which not only requires more effort, but also creates a risk of things falling out. As tends to be true with these small bags, the strap is a little skimpy, but is detachable. I just use a better strap from another bag.

    UPDATE: I just purchased the Olympus 40-150 zoom. It also fits in this bag, together with all the other gear mentioned above.

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