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  1. Brandon Mario
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    Large, spartan, durable, and functional., May 24, 2013
    Brandon Mario (Boca Raton, FL) –

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    Dear Amazon Shopper,

    This piece of luggage is a workhorse that’s light on frills. Let me tell you what it does well and where it’s lacking.


    1 – Huge – This luggage brushes right up against the linear-inch max for checked luggage, allowing you to cram as much stuff as possible inside of it for those long trips.

    2 – Cavernous interior – Unlike other luggage, pretty much all of the space inside this luggage is usable. The polycarbonate shell is quite thin, and the structural underpinnings of the luggage are only minimally intrusive, allowing you to make highly effective use of the available space. Each side of the luggage can be separately zipped, and items can be further compartmentalized by unzipping the outer lining of the suitcase and storing items underneath it, right up against the bare polycarbonate.

    3 – Convenience features – This luggage is a “spinner”, meaning it has wheels at all corners to allow for easy, upright navigation through crowded airports. It accomplishes this very well, rolling, turning, and cornering almost effortlessly. This is likely because Samsonite wisely doubled-up on the wheels, putting two at each corner for a total of eight (an indication of thoughtful design). The handle on this luggage is telescoping and has three levels moving from flush to fully extended. The luggage can be rolled, pushed, or pulled more easily due to the flexibility afforded by this feature. The luggage also has fixed handles on the top and side for picking the luggage from various angles (quite handy when pulling it out of the trunk or setting it down to be weighed) and comes with functional and effective TSA locks built-in to the suitcase itself (far better than the simple, easily-lost padlock most luggage comes with).

    4 – Durability – The polycarbonate shell takes a beating well, while protecting the contents of your luggage. The doubled-up wheels and sturdy handles are more than equal to supporting the (fully-loaded) weight of this behemoth. The luggage comes with a 10-year warranty, though be aware that it covers manufacturing defects only and is not no-questions-asked.

    5 – Design – If you like minimalism, you’ll like the design of the Inova. It’s all clean lines and matte silver, with the added benefit of not having and sharp edges to snag on anything when squeezing through dense airport traffic.

    There are, however, a few things that may not thrill you about this luggage.

    1 – Huge – The ginormity of this beast means you’re going to incur overweight luggage charges if you pack it to the brim. Since you’re looking at a piece of this size, however, you probably already know that. Also, don’t expect to toss this thing into the trunk of your ultra-compact car and be on your merry way; this thing takes up a fair bit of space and is not exactly light (i.e. you don’t want to be fussing with 70lb luggage trying to cram it from various angles into the trunk of your car).

    2 – Lack of interior organization – The luggage opens, there are two sides, you can fill them, then zip them. The slightly more expensive silhouette makes provision for a variety of items, including toiletries, with varying, specially-designed compartments. No front pockets or special compartments here. Just cram it full, zip it up, and go.

    3 – Cosmetics – This is a minor quibble since all checked bags are subject to the abuse of baggage handlers, but the matte silver doesn’t hold up well from a cosmetics standpoint. From the first time I checked this bag it came back looking like it had been run through a giant pinball machine. That being said, no contents were damaged, and neither was the luggage, which I consider a testament to the durability of its construction.

    4 – Design – The silhouette, at slightly greater cost, offers a few more frills, with a slightly edgier design. It’s also offered in black, meaning the abuse it takes will be less visible. If you’re married to the idea of your luggage being fashion-forward, the silhouette is probably a better choice than the Inova.

    5 – Weight – Despite being constructed of polycarbonate, this luggage, at 12lbs, is not really any lighter than other luggage in this class (conventionally constructed or otherwise).

    6 – Price – Even on sale, this thing isn’t cheap. You’re paying a fair bit for something with such Spartan interior organization.

    All of that being said, this is a great piece of luggage for cramming huge amounts of stuff into. You can pack it to the gills, move it around easily, and expect it to keep the stuff you put into it safe. It’s a convenient way to get you there worry-free, but it wont win you any door-prizes for best-accessorized traveler and isn’t for those of you who wish every piece of luggage had the interior organization of a garment bag.

    A comfortable 4 stars out of 5…

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  2. Amazon Customer
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    Nice case but the hinges are just two pieces of …, November 2, 2015

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    This review is from: Samsonite Luggage Inova Spinner (Accessory)
    Nice case but the hinges are just two pieces of rubber which doubles as the feet that keeps the luggage off the ground.

    But the biggest problem is that this case is 65.5 or so inches linear which is over the 62 linear inch/ 158cm limit imposed by all major airlines. I suggest everyone do some research before purchasing. It’s true that most check-in staff wont bother measuring but if you are going to buy a new case may as well buy something that is legally allowed to be checked in without paying oversize fees.

    Get the 28′ instead. There is a reason why that is more expensive. Samsonite is probably trying to clear out the 30inch before discontinuing it. The 28 is itself borderline legal.

    on a side note. It seems the new IATA regulation for carryon will mean the Inova 20 will also be too wide. I would just hold on until the new lines come out that follow the new regulations.

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