3 thoughts on “Paws & Pals Airline Approved Pet Carriers w/ Fleece Bed For Dog & Cat – Soft Sided Kennel – 2018 Newly Designed, Large 19”x10”x13” Inches

  1. RescueDogMom
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    Well-Constructed! Easy On My Back! SAFE For Them! [With Updates for 2015 Design!], October 14, 2013
    RescueDogMom (Tampa, FL) –

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    I originally purchased the first version of this carrier in 2013, I and now I have the newest version the “Redesigned for 2015” and still have them ALL and they are still AMAZING.

    OxGord also created a stand-alone mat for this carrier that is affordable and fits perfectly in their carriers–It has the velcro already in place and everything! It’s ready to go right in the carrier with nothing extra required. It’s nice to be able to swap them out while one is in the laundry. Hopefully this link to the product in Amazon will work. If it’s not a link, just copy it and past in your browser and it’ll pull it up. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B00O19N9A4/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

    This carrier is carefully and thoughtfully designed to make things easy on the pet parent and as easy as possible on the pet.

    I have about a dozen or so rescue cats at any one time and typically use the hard-shell, top-load carriers for vet visits & meet-and-greets. The rigid carriers are getting increasingly difficult to manage with my bad back. What drove me to purchase this Oxgord Comfort Carrier Soft-Sided Pet Carrier were a few different things:

    SHOULDER STRAP & HANDLES- There is a shoulder strap that clips in the front and back and allows you to take the lions share of the weight off the lower/middle portion of your back and share it with your shoulders which are better designed to help distribute weight throughout our bodies. The strap has a nice cushioned area right where it needs to be when you’re carrying a 20# furball in and out of the car! The Carrier handles are very well made and have a secure velcro-binding closure of both handles that makes picking the carrier up easy. And, more importantly, in a way that makes your pet know that you have their situation under control so THEY CAN RELAX!

    SMART DESIGN- I REALLY like how the bed has a nice stiff board inserted underneath the fleece in it’s very own pocket. The board itself is actually sealed in plastic! Genius?!?! IF your pet was to soil the bed and anything did get through the, what appears to be water-resistant at least, underside of the bed, there will be nothing ruined long-term. It can come out, be wiped clean with cleanser and reinserted into the washed bed! Additionally, under the bed there are TWO heavy-duty velcro strips about 12″ long that match their other sides already perfectly positioned inside the main carrier. These strips securely hold the bed in place. Your pet wants to feel secure and this bed IS STURDY and will stay right where it’s supposed to be throughout transport.

    BONUS: There is a “You’re-okay-I’m-right-here zipper” too! It is perfectly positioned, and sized, to get your hand in there and touch your pet to reassure them they will indeed see tomorrow. I use this access frequently in transit and also in the waiting area of the vet.(Just remember to CLOSE IT WHEN YOU’RE DONE!)

    WASHABILITY- I’ve had soft-sided carriers that a cat has thrown up in, or….even products from the “other end”. I’ve had to just throw them away because they were IMPOSSIBLE to clean. This carrier has a really nice, high-quality binding encircling the underside of the bed. I have washed the bed multiple times in the washer and it holds it’s form throughout the washing/drying process. The inside of the carrier appears to be water proof fabric that would easily wipe clean. I am a Washing Machine girl. If it can’t survive the Front Loading machine? I can’t have it. These do amazing in them!! I wash the carriers about once a month in the washer and the mats whenever anyone goes to the vet. They all have held up amazingly. The carriers look brand new when they come out of the washer – I just let them air dry.

    Fun Cat Hangout!!- I can say, with CERTAINTY, that my cats LOVE these carriers! They seem to have an unspoken agreement with each other on who gets to get in there and chill next. I’ve seen almost all of them in there in the past three days! I’ve already ordered another one( I think I now have about 6 of these carriers?).

    SECURE ZIPPERS- Did I mention the zippers?? The zippers must have been cat-consulted and cat-approved for stay-shut-ability! They have the cutest little (yet sturdy and effective) clips that hold the zippers (east and west, if you will.) together so prying little toes and noses that attempt to widen the teeny, tiny, zipper-gap will meet immediately with utter defeat. Muuuhahahaaahahahahaaaaa!

    VISIBILITY- Did someone say, “Cat’s love visibility!”? Well, if they didn’t, I can tell you, they do!. This carrier has high-quality, heavy-duty mesh “openings” on every side (except the bottom, of course). The top is mesh, as is the back portion. The front is nearly half mesh, and the side mesh areas are alternating top and bottom. If your pet is shy or outgoing there will be…

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  2. Kelly W.
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    Perfect Fit!, June 11, 2015

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    I bought two carriers for my large cats- one is 15 lbs and the other is just over 14 lbs. I had previously used the hard carriers that took up so much room- they broke on me mid-transport of my boys- not happy. So, with this product I was concerned that the large carrier wouldn’t be big enough for my boys- but I was wrong. The cats fit just fine with room to turn and move a bit. I would definitely buy this again!

  3. softgreenpuppy
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    This is the one you want!, December 11, 2013

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    Excellent quality and well designed. It has all of this:
    + One deep canvas side pocket with velcro closure for things you don’t need to see (e.g. vet records)
    + One large mesh end pocket for water bottle and toys
    + One shallow mesh side pocket for carrying things you want to remember (e.g. medicines from the vet)
    + Two adjustable straps for vehicle seat belt attachment
    + One side zipper peekaboo opening if you need to pet a distressed kitty-cat or toss in a treat or toy.
    + One zippered* end opens completely for full access
    + One zippered* end opens on upper half only to give you more control of your pet if needed
    + The two zippered ends have two way zippers which have belted ends which lock together with a plastic squeeze lock such as what you find on pet collars. No more opening the zipper, kitty-cat!
    + There are fine mesh durable windows on all sides and at the top
    + A top quality quilted fleece bed with bumper sides serves as the top of a pocketed floor (like a pillowcase). The bottom of the “pillowcase” is nylon with two velcro strips which secure it to the carrier’s floor. A durable piece of hardboard encased in vinyl sits inside the “pillowcase” for added structure. Fleece bed can be washed.
    + Detachable padded shoulder strap
    + Two hand straps with a padded hand grip
    + Luggage tag
    + Side supports inside are pocketed for removal if one wishes to wash the entire carrier.
    + Classy looking shape
    + Easily holds a 17lb Ocicat, or a 14 lb Russian Blue, or a 10 lb American Shorthair, or whatever you bring it’s way (rated to 22 lbs).
    Love it!!!

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