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    Good bag but not for my needs, April 26, 2015

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    The first thing I feel it’s necessary to say is that the Kitchen Sink is a large bag that will carry many things. It will not, however, carry the kitchen sink…at least not mine. I got this after reading specs, reviews, looking at pictures and comparing with other bags. I went to this from using the Targus Drifter II and thought that it would be a better more durable replacement. I was wrong (again, for my needs). That said this review will be written as somewhat of a comparison between the two for my own ease. The Drifter actually has more usable space and out-carries this bag by a fair margin wise when used as I do. Drifter’s durability is…less impressive. I’ve owned my Drifter for just over a year and there is wear (popped stitching) on the straps and some noticeable wear in other areas. I’ve had very good luck with my Oakley bags, I have owned a smaller Oakley back for 10 years and it is still in pristine condition after traveling the world (going through deployment with me and then surviving transit to school exposed to hot sun, driving rain, snow and everything between on my ninja). I only mention my old Oakley because comparing it with the kitchen sink it appears and feels to be made of much the same materials and seems to be of similar, even superior, construction. I’ve never had any issue with my other Oakley, all zippers/snaps/clips and even velcro (which is the most surprising to me) are 100%. So, as I will, sadly, not be keeping this bag it’s the best I can do for construction/durability review.

    So, now I’ll go over some of what I like about the Kitchen Sink.
    #1 It looks great. It looks good by itself, on my back, in a chair, hung on a doorknob…it’s a nice looking bag.
    #2 It has lots of little pockets and hook points to stick things in and attach things to. This is not as much of a pro as it could [should?] be, but I’ll discuss this later.
    #3 It’s big. I’ll cover this in more detail later but for now just know it’s a large bag that can carry lots of things.
    #4 It’s comfy to wear. It’s weighted well, the straps falls on the right part of the shoulder and they don’t pull out with heavy loads. The waist strap is comfy and easily adjusted. It snugs up and loosens down easily.
    #5 Did I mention that this bag looks sweet? I did? Okay, on to the cons then.

    What I didn’t like so much about the Kitchen Sink
    #1 The molded top flap seemed like a good idea to me at first, like a little extra protection to the elements or something, but after goofing with it a bit I can already say it would become an annoyance rather quickly. Just another layer to have to get through every time I wanted in my bag. Also I don’t think I would, personally, use the molded pocket for much more than pens/pencils/keys/cables/etc so it’s not really a bonus for me, personally, but that may not be the case for you. The main reason this is on my con list is that it doesn’t fold back easily for main compartment access. It wants to be where it’s at and you either have to wrestle it up and back or hold it up while you look for your stuff. Also the two prominent hooks that hold it down securely are a novelty (imo) and nothing more than what turns into an annoyance to get through every time you want in your bag. I imagine, if I kept this bag, I would end up just never using them.
    #2 The space isn’t as usable as it should be. This is my main concern and what ultimately broke the deal for me on using this as my daily work bag. This is also where I’ll bring in some comparisons of my Targus Drifter II. The Drifter dimensions are listed as “20.08 inch H x 14.57 inch L x 7.87 inch W” while the Kitchen Sink is listed as “20 inch H x 14 inch W x 8 inch D.” (Those are copy/pasted from amazon description, I know the L/W are different but they are actually measuring the same sides, I checked, with my handy dandy measuring device. So read them as 20.08/20 inch top to bottom x 14.57/14 inch side to side x 7.87/8 inch front to back respectively). So, technically those are the correct dimensions on both, however, the shape of the Drifter and of the Kitchen Sink make for a large discrepancy of actual useable space. The Drifter wins…in case you were wondering. The Kitchen Sink has several features that, for me, actually reduce its usefulness. The bottom pocket that fills the inside of the main compartment. This, for me, is worthless and actually gets in the way. When I was still considering this bag I figured I’d just cut the pocket material out and have a neat little zip-out bottom feature that would be incredibly useful for….I don’t know…stuff. The side pockets are nice but they seem to push in more than expand out and, if used, reduce the size of the main compartment a bit. To cut this a little shorter, all of the smaller pockets seem to actually reduce the usability of the main…

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  2. Tim
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    and it’S not only beautiful and unique, October 5, 2014

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    I practically pack 12 hours of daily life in this backpack, and it’S not only beautiful and unique, but sturdy and spacious.
    I dont own a car and I’m in university, so my daily life demands I carry my day’s needs in a single pack where ever I go. To give a closer, and more clear idea about what this beautiful monster is carrying everyday:
    – 3 text books and 3 notebooks minimum.
    – Apple MacBook Air 11′ inch with charger.
    – 1 liter camelpack water bottle.
    – large protein shaker (GNC)
    – 1 sandwich and one 12 oz food container.
    – T-82 calculator, Pencils & pens , contact lenses, small contact sollutio, small hand Sanitizer.
    – Top compartment is for my sunglasses and two packs of pocket tissues and gum…. etc
    – bottom compartment holds my Reebok zquick shoe plus a t-shirt and shorts for the gym.
    – lately I have been carrying my down jacket inside and fits well too.
    Final thought
    This a heavy bag even when its empty, but it holds a ton of things literally size and weight wise.
    Sits well on your shoulders and back even when its full and heavy.


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