3 thoughts on “MOACC BBK Series DSLR Slr Camera Canvas Shoulder Bag Backpack Rucksack Bag for Sony Canon Nikon Olympus etc.–BBK3(35*14*31cm 13.8″*5.5″*12.2″)Khaki

  1. Raymond J. Alstrom
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Worthy of 5 Stars., January 3, 2014
    Raymond J. Alstrom (Victoria, TX) –

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    This review is from: MOACC BBK Series DSLR Slr Camera Canvas Shoulder Bag Backpack Rucksack Bag for Sony Canon Nikon Olympus etc.–BBK3(35*14*31cm 13.8″*5.5″*12.2″)Khaki (Electronics)
    I’m picky. I don’t return items if I’m not satisfied when I receive them. I simply keep them and chalk them up to experience. Because of this position I take, I’m very careful to select an item online and do quite a bit of research. I wavered several times before I finally clicked the buy button for this bag. I loved the looks, but I also wanted it to perform the task of holding my three Fujifilm cameras, the HS50EXR, X100 & X20. The bag arrived in less than 5 working days. Interestingly, the canvas bag is shipped inside the padded liner. At first glance I thought “what the heck?!!” then realized it was a nifty way of packaging and shipping the bag.

    I quickly removed, unfolded and inserted the liner, placed my cameras into position and inserted the provided velcro padded liners between each camera. To my joy, they all fit – with no room to spare – but also without forcing them into their respective places. I found some hidden pockets on the inside of the bag – one zippered – which were perfect for holding my batteries and one held my Fujifilm EF-20 flash.

    The inside padded container has a lid that velcros shut then the canvas bag has a zipper across the top that seals the container securely inside the bag, followed by a canvas flap that covers the top and half the front of the bag. The pockets on the front of the bag – and sides are fairly large and functional, though I haven’t put anything in any of them yet.

    The bag is surprisingly very well constructed with quality materials. I can’t find anything cheap about it. All the leather trim is real leather – almost looks like vinyl faux leather, but it’s the real thing – nice soft and supple leather. The Buckles on the front are faux buckles – with snaps behind them so it looks like you’ve buckled the flap shut when, in fact, you’ve quickly secured the flap with the snaps. I like that idea a lot because to me, fooling with buckles is time consuming and a hassle. The inside of all the pockets – even the outside canvas pockets – are lined with water repellent type material (similar to what you find on umbrellas) – a dark gray color.

    This is really a well designed and well made stylish camera bag. I’m surprised by it because I genuinely did not anticipate it being this nice. It looks good, it functionally holds and protects my gear and it’s made a heck of a lot better than I’d imagined.

    An easy 5 stars for this item and highly recommended.

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  2. Randy Graves
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    Exceptional Bag for the Price Point, October 23, 2015
    Randy Graves (North Dakota) –

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    On Tuesday Oct. 20th I ordered the MOACC BBK4 Canvas Camera Bag, because we have Amazon Prime it arrived yesterday on Thursday Oct. 22nd with no surprise. As others have claimed the bag was shipped inside the protective inner liner and was in perfect shape after unpacking. I had spent several days researching camera bags that were “messenger” type bags. I was wanting a quality but nondescript looking bag that did not point neon arrows at the bag for some thief. I believe the MOACC BBK4 more than fits this bill.

    With no history yet outside the house I can just talk about the appearance of the bag and the visible quality that I believe to be built into the bag. Several other reviewers had made comments about an odor upon opening the shipping container, I can report with this shipment there was no obnoxious odor at all, I will admit I was a little leery of that issue, but am happy to report no problems. I checked all the snaps, buckles, zippers and such over very thoroughly and found all to be in good shape. I also checked all the stitching and was impressed that it was well done with no lose threads or raised stitches that I noticed.

    As indicated in the information for the bag there are numerous pockets both inside and outside the bag. This unit includes a pouch for a lap-top but I can report it will NOT hold a 15-inch Macbook Pro, but will definitely hold just about any size tablet and probably a 13-inch laptop. There are also two open pockets on the inside front of the bag, not large but good for odds and ends. There are big pockets on the left and right sides of the bag that are closed with flaps that snap. There are also two large pockets on the outside front of the bag, these do not have closures but are protected when the main flap is closed. My initial reaction is it would have been nice to have some kind of individual closures on those pockets, at this point I’m not sure I would store anything too valuable in them.

    Other features that I noted about the bag that made it standout include: 1. A sturdy shoulder strap that has a widened area for contact with the shoulder. Secondary to this strap is also a padded piece that velcros over the shoulder pad area to offer additional padding, I think this is a super idea that could have been easily left off, glad it was included; 2. Stitching seems to be high quality and in areas of suspected stress there is extra stitching as well as reinforcement with leather in such areas as the bottom corners of the bag, the carry handle has leather stitched into it as well; 3. I like that the shoulder strap is adjustable from both sides so you can keep the shoulder pad balanced properly, good forethought there I believe; 4. The inner protective sleeve for the camera equipment isn’t just a “top open” type of system, it actually has a velcro top that covers everything exceptionally well; 5. It has a convenient carrying handle centered over the bag for those times when you need to just “pick the bag up” for whatever reason or you tire of carrying on your shoulder.

    I’m excited to add this new MOACC BBK4 bag to my photography equipment. As my wife is prone to tell me, I am in a constant search for the “perfect” bag….just as she is always searching for that “idea” purse.

    I have my Canon 5D Mark II camera body with a Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L lens attached, a Canon 50mm f/1.8 prime lens, Canon Speedlite Flash, extra camera batteries, batter charger, card reader, wireless remote, I’m sure I’m forgetting a couple of items, but the good thing, there is still room for more, at least two more lenses in fact and a tablet.

    Lastly, but by no means a small issue is how this bag looks. It is sharp and has the appearance of a much more expensive bag, yet it is rather diminutive in appearance that does not just scream “I’m a camera bag, come steal me,” that is one of the big selling points for me.

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  3. F. Levine
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    Nice looking, but not as good as it could be. Here’s what ~2 years with it was like., April 30, 2016
    F. Levine (MD, United States) –

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    This review is for the BBK-4, which is the large messenger with a padded camera/lens insert. I bought this bag in June 2014 and will be retiring it by or before June 2016 due to wear and tear. I noticed most reviews are people’s impressions when the bag is new, but I’d like to report on how things turned out long term.


    I used this as a commuter bag without the insert, 5 days a week, traveling by car, train and foot—nothing unusual. It has occasionally been used as a small carry-on bag. However, I do have camera gear and there were reasons I rarely used the bag for it. I’ll explain that in the details below.

    Pros: Nice styling, does not look like a camera or laptop bag full of expensive things, has outer side pockets (many messenger-style bags don’t), affordable, has a decent shoulder strap pad, and has tons of space. Can be used with or without the padded camera insert.

    Cons: Not as tough or as padded as a Lowepro bag or similar; a bit too floppy; only the main compartment is zippered; other than a simple laptop sleeve, the main compartment only has two small, flimsy open pockets; liner could be thicker; did not age well.

    Conclusion: A truly nice-looking bag that I would not rely on or prefer as my main camera bag, and is probably better suited for light loads and less-than-daily use if you want it to last. If you’re on a budget, it’s an OK compromise. I believe that if MOACC made some changes, the price might go up a little but the bag would be greatly improved. This is a case of You Get What You Pay For.


    I would describe the bag as cavernous. Those front pockets under the flap and outside side pockets can easily hold a DVD or paperback book. The side pockets can hold a smaller water bottle or soda bottle, though the top will stick out. The pockets are so big, and the main compartment is so generous, that I have more than once thought I lost my iPod Nano when in fact it was hiding at the very bottom of a pocket I *had* reached into, or tucked under the laptop sleeve inside. A+ for space.

    The pockets under the flap are open-topped, and the side pockets use snaps, so small items could fall out if the bag tumbles (happened to me). The snaps on one of the outer side pockets tore loose after maybe a year.

    The dark brown pleather detailing mostly held up. I have a couple of small holes in one spot.

    The canvas shows fading, but you may find that increases the character.

    The liner is thin and the bag overall is very flexible. It looks more attractive when the insert is in.

    There is no top flap or strap on the laptop sleeve. If the top zipper is open and the bag is knocked over or off a table, your laptop may shoot out.

    The point of failure was the strap, which is non-removable. The canvas has split and shredded down to the top of the side pocket on both sides. On one side it’s where the strap connects, and on the other the split is nearby. The strap is attached by stitching in an area about 2 x 1”. Too much stress is concentrated in too small an area.

    I would not use this as a regular camera bag because:

    – The camera insert is simply OK compared to the padded compartments and moveable “walls” in my small $2M Home Crumpler bag and my Lowepro camera backpack. Its liner is not the soft felt-like stuff, and it’s more flexible. Again, you get what you pay for.

    – I don’t trust the insert to provide enough protection because the bag itself is floppy and unpadded.

    – The insert fits snugly in the bag, which is good, but it cannot be secured to the inside of the bag with velcro. That’s not serious, but still…

    – It lacks small compartments for things like SD cards, filters, lens caps, lens cleaning cloths, spare batteries, etc.—there’s no organization, just big, deep pockets. The little pockets on the inside are just liner material stitched onto the liner, with no closure. Only the main compartment has a zipper. You might be able to get around this by putting small organizer pouches into the pockets.

    – The outer side pockets are so big they could easily hold things like a flash if the insert is full…except they are not padded or zippered. You could, perhaps, jam a lens case in them.

    If you do not need to rely only on this bag, don’t need to bring many non-fragile extras, and want to be discreet about carrying gear sometimes, you’ll probably like the bag.

    As a commuting bag, the MOACC was decent but not great. I liked its wide bottom and open space. On an average day, my “commute stuff” included keys, wallet, phone, earbuds, iPod, lunch (apple, yogurt, Lean Cuisine), a Clif bar, a newspaper, and an organizer pouch with assorted little things in it…

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