2 thoughts on “kate spade new york Cobble Hill Bee Wristlet, Clock Tower/Black, One Size

  1. Dhruv
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    girlfriend gift, March 7, 2014

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    My girlfriend loves kate spade but doesn’t have any of her stuff. So I thought i’d get her this for her bday. She loved it, she uses it almost every single day. Its the perfect size, fits your iPhone, lipstick, chap stick, cards, keys, and cash quite comfortably.
  2. ValleyGirl
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    Great but can only fit a few items, June 6, 2015

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    This wristlet is very cute, dressy enough to take to formal events, and made with high-quality leather. Like many others I do wish it was just a little bit bigger. It’s very thin so you basically need to stack thicker items things vertically if you want it to zip easily. I can zip both the main and front pocket when it’s got my iPhone 5s with case, credit card/ID/cash, and house key (JUST the key, no keychain). And on top of that I can fit either a lipstick OR car keys (again, no keychain). I could maybe fit a very thin lipstick or gloss with the car keys but I haven’t tried it (and am not that optimistic). If you don’t have to take much more than the bare essentials when you’re out and – especially – if you don’t have to take car keys, I think it should be fine for many people.

    As fair warning, however, if you have a bigger phone it could be a REALLY tight fit. My 5s with case is 5 in long, 2.5 in wide, and just under 0.4 in thick. Any bigger and I’d imagine you’d only be able to fit the phone and anything that can lie flat, like a couple cards and cash. I measured the bag as 6.5 in x 4 in, and I think it’s worth either drawing that out on a piece of paper or comparing it to any other wristlets/clutches you have to get a sense of what you’ll have to work with.

    Also be aware that it comes in a plastic bag rather than a box. I expected as much since Amazon would want to minimize shipping costs, but I know the box is important to some people.


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