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  1. Amazonian Consumer
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    Nice, but be sure this is what you want …, March 22, 2010

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    Please note, there are 4 sizes (10, 10.2, 14, and 16 inches) of the same case type; I am writing a review of the 16-inch case.

    This is a well-made but relatively inexpensive bag for a laptop PC. It is so light that I can barely feel its weight, but it still has sufficient padding to protect its contents against bumps during everyday use.

    This is NOT the kind of case with zippers that can be pulled further to the left and right sides when you open the bag. In other words, the opening for you to put in and take out things is very small. Does this matter? Yes, if you have a laptop PC that measures diagonally 15.6 to 16 inches. The fit is snug, and because of the narrow opening, putting in and taking out a computer is not that smooth and easy. Although the zippers are plastic, there is a chance of them scraping against the computer’s edges. I would not recommend this case if you have concerns about this aspect. If your computer is a netbook, which is about 10 inches diagonal, then this case will be fine.

    There is an USB thumb drive pocket in the main compartment, where the computer is stored, but I feel it is not a good location, because it is likely to chafe against the laptop computer. There are two side pockets. I use the larger one to store AC adapter, cord, mouse pad, and mouse.

    I deem this bag more suitable for carrying smaller laptops. It is not suitable for 15.6 to 16-inch laptops because of the tight fit.

    Update (2-4-2011):

    Case Logic has another 16-inch case that zipper opens three sides instead of just one. It is called Case Logic VNCi-116 Value 16-Inch Laptop Briefcase. It will easily fit any 16-inch notebook computer. Even my 17.3-inch HP DV7 can be accommodated in the case. You can read my review on its web page on Amazon.com.

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  2. J. Jones
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    Perfect for iPad2 and Kindle!, April 15, 2011
    J. Jones (So. Calif.) –

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    This review is from: Case Logic VNA210 10.2-Inch Netbook/iPad Attache (Black) (Personal Computers)
    I recently purchased an iPad2 and needed a quality carry case that would fit the iPad2 and my Kindle. The Caselogic VNA210 10.2-Inch Netbook/iPad Attache (Black) was the perfect choice! Not only was the price great, but the case easily holds my iPad2 (w/Smart Cover) and Kindle (in it’s own case) together, with plenty of room. The accessories pocket has room for my USB drive, charge cables, and more. The outer pocket also fits my iPhone 3GS (barely, but it does). Quality is great, very sturdy, and well padded. It is small and easy to carry, exactly what I was looking for.
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  3. Sam
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    *Please Read* Comparison Review for BOTH 10″ AND 16″ Attache, January 12, 2012
    Sam (Kentucky) –

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    This review is from: Case Logic VNA210 10.2-Inch Netbook/iPad Attache (Black) (Personal Computers)

    I purchased both the 10.2″ and 16″ bags in black to carry my Acer Netbook and my 17″ Acer laptop. First of all, let me say I’m a fan of Caselogic bags for their protection factor, but my preference is really towards Wenger (Swiss Gear) backpacks, messenger-bags, and slip-cases for their “real-world-function”, comfort, lifetime warranty, as well as superior protection… I purchased these Caselogic bags #1 for the price, #2 for the quality, #3 for the styling (Wenger had nothing to compare to these from Caselogic, even at 2x-3x the price).

    Now, rather than list pros and cons for each bag, I’ll list out their similarities and differences, pointing out what is good/bad/could-be-better…

    Straps and Handles:
    Both bags have heavy-duty, nylon webbing shoulder straps – the strap on the 16″ bag is less “stiff” and more comfortable, the strap on the 10.2″ bag seems “thicker”.
    The shoulder strap on the 10.2″ bag is removable, which is nice, considering this bag will likely be placed inside another bag most of the time.
    The shoulder strap on the 16″ bag is NOT removable.
    Both bag’s shoulder straps are adjustable in length to suit your personal preferences.
    Only the 16″ bag has pad to alleviate pressure weight (but why would you really need a pad on the 10.2″, seriously?).
    Grab handles are padded and use very heavy, double-folded webbing (tube-webbing), and seem to be stitched deep into the bag (not stitched or riveted to the tops like a cheap bag).

    Luggage piggy-back strap:
    10.2″ bag… does not have one :(
    16″ bag has a strap sewn onto the back of the bag, so you can slip the bag over the handle of your rolling luggage and secure it as “one piece”…

    *Side-note on luggage strap* I never thought I’d appreciate those straps, but when I had to travel a lot for work, those “piggy-back-straps” are a welcomed addition when running from one side of the airport to the other or to keep all your carry-on’s physically “tied together” when wasting time on a long lay-over. The piggy-back strap is also good for sliding over the sissy-bar of your motorcycle (run a bungee from the top to the bottom to add security, and your laptop will be secure and balanced on your bike)!

    Outer Shell:
    Both bags have water-resistant, heavy-nylon shells with contrasting color (grey) on the sides.
    Both bags look very stylish, not “cheap”.

    Inner Shell / Lining:
    Both bags have a pleasant, light blue lining in the main compartment, which is satin-soft, with no tags or labels to scratch devices.
    Other pockets have a grey lining, a bit rougher nylon, but appears more durable to resist tearing/puncture from sharp or odd-shaped items.

    Front Speed Pocket:
    Front Speed Pockets have zippers that close by pulling UP, which is not a great design… pulling DOWN to close the pocket would make more sense and keep water from seeping into the pocket while carrying in poor weather.
    Both bag’s pocket has the bottom even with the bottom of the zipper, so things like loose change might fall out if you unzip all the way.
    10.2″ bag has 4″ tall by 4.5″ deep pocket, which barely holds my smartphone or wallet.
    16″ bag has 6″ tall by 5.5″ deep pocket, which is large enough to hold my smartphone, as well as many other “pocket-sized” items.

    Front Power Pocket:
    The 10.2″ bag has a single USB “thumb-drive” pocket sewn into the lining, as well as two pen/pencil elastic bands, and one 3.5″ tall by 4″ wide pocket (perfect size for passport) – the rest of the pocket is roomy enough to hold your netbook/tablet charger, mouse (loose), or other items.
    The 16″ bag has three 3.5″ tall pockets with the two pen/pencil straps located INSIDE one of the pockets… okay for pens/pencils under 5″ tall, since length from bottom of pocket to top of bag is only 6″. There is plenty of room in the Power Pocket for your charger, extra cables, mouse, etc. I have my 10.1″ tablet in a Wenger neoprene sleeve which fits with room to spare, along with my laptop charger, Logitech mouse, spare cables, etc.

    Main Pocket:
    The 10.2″ pocket is perfect for my Acer Netbook, yes, it is a bit tricky to get around the zipper opening as it is kinda tight, but if you open it all the way, it slides right in and zips up without issue.
    The 16″ has two flaws… one, the USB thumb-drive pocket is in the main compartment… not the best place for it since there is plenty of room in the Power Pocket for it (right next to the pen straps would have been a good place). Two, the zipper opens just barely enough to slide in my 16.5″ laptop. If the laptop were any wider than 15.25″ or thicker than 1.5″, I don’t think it would fit at all. By contrast, once the laptop is in the bag, it reaches half-way up the USB pocket (so if I had a thumb-drive in it, the laptop would have the thumb-drive applying pressure and could break the…

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