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    Lightweight & Universal. This is the only bag you will need! A Must for Every New (and Old) Parent!, September 1, 2014

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    I love this bag! As a mom with two kids (3 yrs old & 1.5 yrs old), I stream lined all my baby / kid products, because there is too much out there (and too much that I owned). This is one of the must have products that will last from baby to adult. I live in Brooklyn, NY – and walk almost everywhere I have to go – playgrounds, subways, stores, library, etc. I have also used the bag while traveling in airports, theme parks,beaches, & zoos.

    The Pros:

    – Lightweight!!! Love that this bag is super lightweight. I primarily use this bag for everything. I use it as a diaper bag, purse, and
    stroller bag. My diaper bag weighs too much (with nothing in it) – it was a deluxe brand name bag ($100) with compartments for everything, etc – which I received at my baby shower and quickly became too heavy to carry around while also transporting a baby (let alone two). Instead, I use the SureShop bag as my diaper bag – I put a separate lightweight bag (similar to a plastic ziploc bag with diapers, wipes, and cream) inside the SureShop bag. This makes changing diapers convenient, quick, and without the extra “diaper bag weight”. I clip my keys to the top buckle I am not using, and I don’t have to fish around for them later. My wallet sinks to the bottom; however it is easy to find and is harder for someone to gain direct access (in order to steal).

    – Security. While I’m at the playground, zoo, airport – you name it — no one is going to easily un-hook my bag. It’s always strapped on my stroller. So if a thief wanted my bag, he/ she would have to take my entire stroller (not likely) or dig into the very bottom to find my wallet. Might be a bit of paranoia, but when I’m chasing / monitoring / helping them go down the slide – I am not focused on my stroller.

    – Bright color! I have the bright orange one The color is awesome. I always can spot my stroller from far away, it identifies my stroller
    to my kids, and it always catches the corner of my eye when I look for my stroller at the playground. I have a CitiMini single stroller, an Uppababy GLuxe umbrella stroller, and a Kinderwagon double umbrella stroller — which are all black. I walk almost everywhere & the color is excellent for when I cross city streets (with cars / bikes / buses) as an extra “caution” that I have a stroller with kids. Plus the green clips compliment the orange in a cool fashionable way.

    – Compact design. The bag has an instruction tag on how to fold it into itself so it becomes enclosed in a small pouch / pocket. The bag has no dividers, zippers, etc – the small pouch turns into a small pocket on the top side of the bag when unfolded. Honestly, I never fold he bag into the pouch because I am always using it. I have my necessities in it all the time, so it’s ready for me to grab & go!

    – Universal. The bag fits on the side of all of my strollers. The double stroller doesn’t have a tip issue, but I love that it clips for
    security. My husband uses it. I use it. It doesn’t scream “baby” and can be used for almost anything. I have used it at the beach to clip onto the top of my beach chair. I like to sit close to the water, and when the waves approach, I know my valuables are off the sand & secured to the chair. My family & I rented a surrey (four person bike) to ride on a boardwalk, and there is no basket for a bag. I was so happy that I could clip my bag to the surrey!

    – No Tipping! The Uppababy GLuxe used to tip all the time with shopping bags on the handle bars. Now, it’s perfectly weighted when I have heavy items. My $100 diaper bag clips to the handlebars, but would tip the stroller with no child.

    – Extra Storage. All of my strollers have limited storage located on the bottom close to the dirt & grime of the city. I also own a gray
    SureShop bag, which I can toss in my orange bag in case I want to have a bag on each side of my stroller (perfect for city food shopping!). I stuff sweatshirts into the bag, and know that they are clean (if I use them, or don’t use them).

    The Cons:

    – Not sure if it is washable, but I have washed it in my washing machine. It has not fallen apart, and comes out very clean. Some of
    the lettering of the logo did wash off of the handle.

    – Reflector fabric / tape would add to the safety of walking around at night / dusk.

    – A separate lightweight bag (that I could use for my diaper essentials) would be a great addition / or some sort of interior divider accessory would be nice.

    – this bag is really awesome, & it’s hard to think of the cons it has. It’s a perfect shower gift a new mom will use forever!

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    Nov 18, 2015 2:01:56 PM PST

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    Love these bags!, March 15, 2014

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    I bought 2 of these bags for a trip to Disneyland. I needed something that would give me extra side stroller storage that I could easily take off if I had to collapse the stroller. I can’t hang bags on the back of the stroller when my son is using the glider board, so this was perfect. The bonus is that they are super light weight and compact so they travel and pack easily! They’re exactly what I needed, love them!
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