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  1. Coz Baldwin
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    The Straps Now Swivel, February 28, 2013
    Coz Baldwin (Glenside, PA USA) –

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    So many people have been mentioning the strap and the lack of swivel. Let it be known, I just received my bag today and the strap connectors now swivel. Good on MobileEdge for listening to prior customer complaints and shipping new straps. Wouldn’t have made a difference to me, but just saying… ignore that “fault” that so many people complained about prior. By the way, I was worried the strap would be too small for me. But being 5’10” and over 250lbs, I can carry this cross-chested and it still hangs down to my hip.

    Everything looks good so far, but the photos are misleading about how many pockets there are so I’m uploading some photos with my annotations on them so everyone can know just where the pockets are and how big they are. Perhaps I’ll submit a more detailed review later. For now, my only complain is very minor: The pen holders are not elastic. Big whoop. But just know that they won’t stretch to fit magic markers or anything bigger than about a half inch (maybe less) in diameter.

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  2. Chase Dooley
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    Six months and still amazing, July 12, 2015

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    IMPORTANT NOTE: Pictures are taken after 6+ months of heavy, daily use.

    TL;DR: If you looking for a bag of this size for any reason (i.e. work, school, travel, etc), buy this bag. I assure you, this bag will meet your expectations. It’s an incredible deal for the quality. It’s big enough to carry a few large textbooks, a big laptop, and a binder; not to mention all the other items you may need. My complaint would be to add a little more cushion in the strap—but that’s extremely minor. I carried a ton of things in this bag (details in the long review below or see the images) for months, and it held up superbly. I will continue to use this bag for years to come.

    Long-winded, Deep-in-depth Review:

    I bought this bag on August 7, 2014 for school. This bag survived a grueling academic year in the hands of an International Baccalaureate student. I used it from 7:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M., Monday through Friday to carry all my school supplies: two 2″ binders, 1″ binder, notebooks, books, pens, pencils, a calculator, and sometimes my 13.3″ laptop with a sleeve. Safe to say, it almost carried everything I needed; the “almost” exception is the occasional, extra 2″ binder or a large textbook.

    There’s some frays in the stitching in some places, as the images show, but I would not say they impact the structure of the product itself. In addition, there’s a few scuff marks on the buckets and pencil lining. The back pocket’s lining on the flap warps up (see image). It didn’t do this when I first bought it, so I believe it was a result of the constant pressure it endured from the heavy load; in addition to the 1″ binder I shoved into the pocket.

    When there’s a lot of items in it (my full school load, see image), the bag is very large and quite heavy. The single strap worked, but I wish there was more support/cushion in it. Of course, the bag was not necessarily made to withstand my load. Occasionally, I found the strap to be uncomfortable when I had to hold the heavy, fully loaded bag for long-periods of time (30 minutes to an hour). I recommend that if you are looking to carry a lot of weight in the bag (more than 25 lbs), I would look for a dual-strap backpack instead for added back and neck support.

    The bag itself is a little hefty due to the canvas material. The buckles are big and strong; they make a loud snap when you close them. The Velcro flaps and straps work excellent to keep items in the bag. The carry handle is off-center, closer to the back of the bag to allow the canvas flap to open, but this causes the bag to be unbalanced when held up, filled or otherwise. I would say this bag is water resistant, but I would not stand in the rain for a long period of time, as water can drip into it—that would be bad. It kept my belongings dry in a few Florida downpours. The bag feels like quality compared to my older Outdoor bag I bought from Walmart sometime ago for the same purpose. The Outdoor did not fare too well in the gauntlet as this bag did.

    MY PROS:

    +A lot of space
    +Many pockets
    +Good laptop protection
    +Quality materials

    MY CONS:

    -More support/cushion in the strap pad
    -Could use more pockets (I just like a lot of pockets)
    -Lack of water bottle pocket (Would’ve been nice)
    -Off-center carry handle

    I usually don’t continue to use my school backpacks and bags after the academic year because they are always torn up, but I will continue to use this messenger bag for years to come as my personal laptop pack. It’s an excellent product for the money. I recommend it.

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