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  1. Cthulhu
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    Folio – the FAQ (met my expectations), February 10, 2012
    Cthulhu (Minas Anor, GD) –
    (#1 Hall OF FAME REVIEWER)

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    I personally like this because it’s an easy to use, light, dual-function, tablet carrying stand that met and occasionally exceeded my expectations. But here is the FAQ.

    NOTE: my review is for the 10.1-10.2″ version only.

    Q: If my tablet is not a standard 10.1-10.2″ can I still use this product?
    A: The maximum size supported is 7″ x 0.6″ x 10.8″.

    Q: What if my tablet is larger?
    A: You may still be able to use this as a reading stand, probably not safe as a carrying case.

    Q: What if my tablet is significantly smaller?
    A: See above. Probably okay as a reading/viewing stand but smaller tablets may fall off when the Folio is in a carrying case configuration. Not safe. Case Logic has several sizes available so try the best match.

    Q: Is this a ‘generic-looking’ product.
    A: Yes. It is not a fashion statement.

    Q: Is the Folio made of leather?
    A: The outside appears to be a synthetic fabric with a faux leather band.

    Q: Does it look ‘cheap’?
    A: No. The product’s appears to be made of good quality (though not ‘expensive’) materials, probably ballistic nylon on the outside.

    Q: Is the tablet well protected inside?
    A: The Folio is well padded and it should be able to absorb a great deal of shock in a ‘fall’ situation.

    Q: Is it easy to set a tablet in?
    A: Yes. It takes about 5-10 seconds.

    Q: Is it easy to take the tablet out?
    A: Yes, a couple of seconds to pull out the 2 stabilizing clamps.

    Q: As a reading/viewing stand can I have my tablet in either portrait or landscape?
    A: No. It only supports landscape mode.

    Q: Does it allow for keeping/storing a stylus and a cleaning cloth?
    A: No. There are no extra pockets.

    Q: Will my tablet be held safely in position while reading/viewing or while I’m carrying it?
    A: Generally yes but you do have to make sure that the clamps are in place before you close it up.

    Q: When in ‘carrying’ mode, does the Folio use a lock?
    A: No. It is held closed by a strap, Moleskin-style.

    Q: Can I charge my tablet while held inside the Folio?
    A: If your charging port is on the side, yes even when the Folio is closed. If it’s at the top or bottom, the Folio must be open.

    Q: Are there multiple viewing angles when in a reader configuration?
    A: The Folio allows for 2 viewing angles.

    Q: Was it made in China?
    A: Yes.

    Q: Is it heavy?
    A: Not if compared with some of the ‘leather’ alternatives.

    I am overall pleased with this product. Except for the clamps sometimes slipping off the corners (be careful and check before you close it up) and its lacking a hook or something for attaching a stylus, it’s all good for a ‘generic’ product. The ‘landscape only’ reading mode may be a deal breaker for some but I’m not a ‘portrait’ reader and I can see how much is gained in simplicity and ease of use by supporting only one viewing orientation.


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  2. John Smith
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    Too large for a 10-inch tablet, March 13, 2012

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    If I’m going to buy a case for my Android Tablet, I’d rather buy one that’s specifically designed to fit the device rather than buying a generic/universal case like this one. The reason for that is purely because I know a case that is designed for a specific device should fit it nicely.

    Though this case can hold most 10-inch tablets (including the Galaxy Tab 10), if you’re looking for a case that nicely fits your tablet from corner to corner, you’d be disappointed with this product because it is quite large for a 10-inch tablet.

    The case itself looks and feels very sturdy and made from high quality material. The strings or loops that hold the tablet are another story though. I am not sure what they were thinking when designing this because it feels really cheap and I’m not sure if it will be sufficient to keep the tablet in place if dropped.

    For this reason, I recommend buying this only if you cannot find a case that fits your tablet or if you have multiple tables that you want to use this universal case with.


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  3. Media Man
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    Great 10″ tablet folio, just not for the HP TouchPad, February 7, 2012
    Media Man (Minneapolis, MN USA) –

    Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What’s this?)
    My current tablet is an HP TouchPad with which I’m using the HP Custom Fit Case but have also wanted to try a softer folio case. When the Case Logic UFOL-110 10-Inch Tablet/eReader Folio appeared on Amazon Vine I immediately snatched it up to give it a go. It wasn’t until afterwards that I noticed in the product description that the HP TouchPad wasn’t listed. I chalked it up to it being a discontinued model and crossed my fingers hoping the folio would still suit my needs. Here are my thoughts on the Case Logic UFOL-110 10-Inch Tablet/eReader Folio;


    + Sturdy folio with both a soft interior and exterior.

    + 3 different adjustable views.

    + Wire loops flex and grasp to fit nearly any 10″ size tablet.

    + Elastic handle to keep folio closed or for use in holding.


    – Folio sadly isn’t compatible with the HP TouchPad. No matter which direction you insert the TouchPad either the power or volume buttons are hindered/covered by the clasps or wire loops. Kind of a bummer.

    – Higher price point for a folio.

    – Size is slightly larger than it needs to be for a 10″ tablet making it slightly bulky.

    – Tablet will still be susceptible to dust and dirt on the sides and bottom as the folio doesn’t completely cover the tablet.

    Despite having an HP TouchPad which isn’t really compatible with this folio it’s still a really nice case. I would happily use if I ever get another 10″ tablet with a different button layout scheme. I’ve noticed that another reviewer has similar issues with this folio and the ASUS Transformer Prime which is unfortunate. It’s too bad the designers at Case Logic didn’t consider a few more tablet designs before making this folio available. If they had, I would gladly award it 5 stars.


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