2 thoughts on “CADeN DSLR Camera Sling Bag for 1 Camera, 2 Lens, Tripod, Rain Cover (Canon Nikon Sony Pentax)

  1. C. Seaton
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    Well Constructed, Design Just Not For Me, December 24, 2017
    C. Seaton (Chicagoland, IL) –

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    I saw this product pop up on my Facebook news feed relentlessly, day after day after day. Finally my brain decided that I needed one. My previous DSLR shoulder sling bag is getting a little ratty. Of course I checked the Amazon price first, and I’m glad I did. Saved about half.

    The strap is extremely comfortable. Very adjustable, and fits well slung across my five foot tall female figure without causing any undue lady pain. Also comfortable swung behind onto the undercarriage.

    That’s about where the love ended, for me. I was just not comfortable with how to store and access my cameras and lenses. Unless the little straps that pulled the zippers were threaded through the top bag fastening clips, the zippers tended to want to work themselves open, which could be a disaster. I just was not able to figure out a way to uses the enclosed velcroed padding pieces to partition and protect my equipment, and still get at it quickly. Also it really bugged me that there was no good way to carry a water bottle. The mesh on the side is too tight.

    Quality of construction seems fine, concept is good, feels comfortable, but just not happy with it. I am giving my grand nephew a used Olympus EM-5 for Christmas, and this bag will be fine for the compact micro 4/3 camera, lens, bird field guide, and whatever else a ten year old boy packs up for a walk in the woods. I will have to teach him how to secure the zippers so that the bag doesn’t fall open. I think he will love it.

  2. C Hess
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    Great small sling bag!, November 22, 2017
    C Hess (Keeseville, NY USA) –

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    This bag works well for a small bag when I just want to bring my DLSR and a few small prime lenses. The bag is well padded, but that also adds to its bulk. The dividers in the main compartment are adjustable (attached with Velcro) or removable altogether. I am able to fit my Nikon D7100 with 18-200mm lens on one side and two prime lens on the other. The bag is well constructed and offers a good bit of padded protection to the gear. There are several small pockets to fit small items and a detachable rain cover that fits in the front zippered pocket. I did notice that the zippers on the two main compartments do not close completely, leaving some space for dirt, dust, and water to enter the bag.


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