2 thoughts on “Brenthaven Collins Slim Brief for MacBooks Laptops or Ultrabooks Upto 15.4-Inch (1902101)

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    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Great bag!, June 12, 2014
    Nate T.

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    This review is from: Brenthaven Collins Slim Brief for MacBooks Laptops or Ultrabooks Upto 15.4-Inch (1902101) (Accessory)
    This has been the perfect solution for doing interviews and attending conferences. It’s got enough room for a clipboard, notepad, and thin books. I’m not a tablet user, but it would definitely fit a tablet in the pocket next to the laptop. One of my favorite things about this bag is the large Velcro pocket on the inside of the outermost layer (behind the buckle). It’s an excellent place to stash keys, IDs, extra credit cards that you’re afraid might fall out. Also, if you’re worried about someone slipping a hand in there in a crowded place, it will help protect against theft of those important items. I’ve also gotten a lot of comments about how good the bag looks, so I highly recommend it for these reasons.

    The reason this gets 3 stars is for two reasons. (1) The metal buckle on the strap is in a very inconvenient place and digs into my shoulder, and no matter how you adjust it, it stays in the same place relative to the shoulder. The strap is also slippery. A good alternative strap is The Claw from Red Oxx, but that seems a little over the top for a bag this size. (2) The buckle on the front is awkward to undo. I still haven’t gotten used to it. The one plus is that it’s somewhat thief proof. Obviously a plastic buckle would have been an eyesore. I’m not a designer, but there must be a more practical alternative.

  2. Anonymous
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    Great Bag for Handling All the Essentials!, August 9, 2015
    JK (Los Olivos, CA, United States)

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    This review is from: Brenthaven Collins Slim Brief for MacBooks Laptops or Ultrabooks Upto 15.4-Inch (1902101) (Accessory)
    This bag is nearly perfect in every way. I bought this hoping it would be a reasonably good replacement for my well-loved, but beyond repair old bag and it exceeded my expectations in many ways. I had a pretty specific list of what I wanted, and this bag nailed it. For a slim bag, it held just the right amount of stuff comfortably.

    Here’s the rundown:
    -Excellent Protection – I didn’t want to have to put my laptop into a sleeve, but I also wanted some decent padding on the bottom, not just the sides. This bag smartly cushions the laptop in the middle as well as on the bottom.
    – Needed to be just big enough for my Mac laptop, the power cords, mouse, a few file folders along with a couple of pens and biz cards. Check – there was even plenty of room my son’s iPad and a pair of headphones (they fold down into a compact size). There are just enough pockets inside to keep all the bits you need in their place. The outside pocket is really handy and all the power cords and the mouse fit into it nicely. If the outer pocket was an envelope/expanding pocket with an adjustable closure (hey Brenthaven take note).
    – Lightweight – a BIG requirement. I didn’t want a 5 lb. bag before I put anything into it. This bag was surprisingly light given that it has metal clips and closure along with leather trim.
    – Not Black – so, so tired of everything in black! Not everyone who carries around a laptop wants their bag to be black. This bag is a nice gray, super durable fabric with black leather trim and I really love the little bit of bright blue thread used on the handle and elsewhere. The inside is lined with a preppy, striped light gray and white fabric. Note to folks at Brenthaven: live a little and make some of these bags in colors!
    – Good Quality – I didn’t want a throw-away bag. I take care of my things and I expect them to last a good long time. After a week-and-a-half business trip in and out of several airports, hotels and office buildings, this bag worked beautifully!!!

    It is easy to carry by the handles or using the shoulder strap. Be aware that the shoulder strap does not include a shoulder pad, and I almost knocked off a star for this, but given the nature of the bag (you can’t stuff to much in it), I actually found the shoulder strap alone was quite comfortable.


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