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  1. Scott Condor
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    These are the best (hopefully) bags I’ve found so far., March 26, 2016
    Scott Condor (Utopia, TX United States) –

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    This review is from: American Tourister At Pops Plus 3Pc Nested Set (Apparel)
    Update 5/2/16:
    I don’t fully understand why I am getting “unhelpful” votes here, so please allow me to tell you what is happening right now, because I am literally living out of these bags in Philippines at the moment. I spent a week in Dallas and now beginning 4 weeks in Cebu, Philippines, joining up with my wife who has already been here 2 months.

    TIP: I have found overhead compartments that are too shallow to let the carry-on bag sit so that the handles face out and had to put it in sideways. Nobody has given me any grief about this, but sometimes managing to get it out while tightly squeezed by other things is difficult. SO, I pack a feather pillow and a soft-side bag in the carry on that contains everything I will need in the flight… meds, toiletries, tissues, whatever, and fill the rest of the bag with a change of clothes in case of spillage or accident, the rest of my meds, batteries, electronics, etc that are required to be in the carry-on instead of checked baggage. Before I reach my seat I’ve already pulled my pillow and soft bag out, which makes the carry-on pretty light and easy to stow away overhead. That way I don’t have to pull the carry-on down except in emergency. Upon leaving, nobody cares if I am carrying my pillow, toting my soft bag and pulling the Tourister bag. Some airlines might give you trouble, but I have not had a problem.

    1. The layout of the bags is very good for my requirements. I don’t ever take big items like suits or overcoats, obviously, but there are convenient zipper compartments inside and outside for holding things I need for different tasks. My toiletries are grouped together, etc. That makes it easy to know which bag I need to open to get whatever I need. My one conflict is the direction the main zipper opens, which is fine for packing, but when the bags are standing on their wheels it is a little cumbersome.

    2. Handling the bags at busy airports was the best of any bags I’ve owned. Naturally if carts are available I use those, but when not, I found I could manipulate all 3 by myself by towing the big one and putting the mid size and carry on bags back to back and raising the handles to the same height, to be rolled on all wheels. They can stand by themselves while I am in a line.

    3. Durability is unknown still, since they are still fairly new, but all zippers work smoothly and no snags.

    Original Review:
    I travel internationally very often, my wife too. Good luggage is important to us. Not good to get to the luggage pickup at a foreign country that speaks a different language and then see your bag coming down the chute with duct tape wrapped all around it because the zipper burst in handling!

    We needed a new set this year for our trip to Philippines, my old set is smaller than we liked and it’s made more miles now than my 1996 F250… twice as much probably. I shopped and shopped on the Amazon, Walmart and other luggage specialist sites, finding many sets lower priced, but none with the praise I see in these reviews… and yes there are some negative reviews too. I’ve only once had a bag burst like in my first paragraph, but that one was a leather bag and had been squeezed to the bursting point many times, so I was not surprised.

    So I found the bags in the reviews that I was most interested in and went to a couple of stores to see if I could find some to inspect. Depressingly, THIS was the only set I found, and it was at a brick and mortar luggage shop. I got to look at it very carefully, testing the materials used, the wheels, the zippers and the handles. Amazon’s price is about 20% lower than their price, and the salesman at the store was a little disappointed when I told him that… changed his attitude toward me quickly! He did not try to bargain with me though.

    ONE THING I really like about this set is the nesting ability. Sometimes we travel with a lot of stuff to give away to family and friends, then we buy clothing while there to fill the bags back up… avoiding the big American mark-ups. But now I do not have to try to FILL all the bags, because I can put the middle sized bag inside the big one, and just fill the middle sized one… I am sure that will come in handy.

    ANOTHER THING is the spinner wheels. I’ve always had a problem getting the two wheelers to stand on their own, especially while waiting in long ticket lines. I can easily handle all three of these bags at the same time.

    I worried a little about the warning another reviewer made about the wheels extending beyond the size limits of some airlines. I’ve only used this set one time … on Korean Air … and they did not even measure them other than for weight. If there is a problem, I don’t know what I’ll do, but I avoid the carriers who charge for bags.

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  2. Sierra H.
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    Sizes wrong, misleading. More than 62 linear inches for 29″, January 31, 2016

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    Size is incorrect and misleading for travelers needing to have certain size luggage. Description gives impression it will be ok for size but 29″ bag is actually 31 with wheels which airlines count in measurements (called airline too to verify), plus other manufacturer sizes off by at least 1″ or more all around, so too big for the typical 62″ linear size restriction. Very sad… I was really looking forward to using on my trip to London. I’d read tons of reviews about product on other sites but didn’t see anything about size problems, but then I didn’t read reviews here when I made purchase, and wish I had because some people did mention size issues. Loved the deep purple. Returning and back to shopping.
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