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  1. Aaron
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    Long-Time Timbuk2 Owner: An In-Depth, Comparative Review, March 1, 2015

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    Long time Timbuk2 owner – this will be an in-depth review of the (Medium Twill) Timbuk2 Command 2015. I will make some comparisons between this bag and Command 2013 and the Classic Messenger 2014 models. The Command 2015 is largely a hybrid of these two models, but it comes with a few unique tricks of its own.

    UPDATE – after 4 months with the bag, I’ve added a few extra words here and there to update how my opinion of the bag has held up, as well as how the bag itself has held up (spoiler: both have held up quite well). Also, I added a couple of pictures, one including my true Every Day Carry.

    ###THE EXTERIOR###

    Overall look:
    This one is pretty easy to get the gist of from the pictures already on Amazon. It’s very clean. Nothing particularly surprising about the look in person that you wouldn’t get from the pictures.

    The shape:
    The bottom of the bag is not flat. This seems like an intentional design decision on the part of Timbuk2… and I’m not sure why. The bag does NOT sit up right when you set it down. It falls on its face. Check out the view from the side on Amazon’s photos and notice how the bottom slopes up from the back of the bag to the front. This problem doesn’t exhibit itself much if you keep the bag full… but I tend to run with a lot of empty space in there. This is the single biggest “detractor” for this bag.

    The strap:
    The strap is removable & reversible like the original Command messenger. However, unlike the original command, there is no “buckle” to undo. Instead you have the fairly handy Double-Loop CAM buckle that you’d find on the 2014 Classic. I was weary about this innovation on the 2014 Classic at first, but grew accustomed to it, and actually grew to prefer it after use. The strap distributes weight very well, but is an awkward length. It’s generously long… to a fault. I’m extremely tall and I still find the strap too long. You can adjust it quite easily, but I’ve found I adjust it to be as short as it can possibly go, and it’s still a little looser than I’d prefer. After a few months – I’m used to the strap. Not something I think about anymore.

    The handle:
    Okay, so if you don’t want to use the strap you’ve got the handle. The handle is much more prominent on the 2015 Command than the other model. The 2013 Command’s handle laid on the top of the bag when you weren’t using it. The 2015 handle is permanently in that arched position. It’s just much longer. Both of those handles are far and away better than the “grab handle” on the 2014 Classic, which was really never that useful (it was too far on the back of the bag, causing the bag to lean forward awkwardly when you used the handle). The handle is a high point on this bag (pun intended).

    The Hook Closure:
    Here’s where the 2013 Command and the 2015 Command start to differ. The hooks on the 2013 Command are attached to the bottom part of the bag (I.E. not the flap). For the 2015 Command, the hooks are now attached to the top part (on the flap). The difference is more than cosmetic. The attachment point of the hooks on the 2013 Command enabled you to cinch the bag closed at the bottom – a very handy feature which was brought into the 2014 Classic. The 2015 Command has no such attachment point, so instead it offers several loops to use the hooks on at various points. The bottom loop works if the bag is completely empty. The top-most loop if the bag is very full. This system cinches the bag closed from the front, which is not quite as handy as from the bottom. Also, you now have 4 discrete levels of “cinch”, whereas before you could use the length of the strap to set your desired level of tightness. It’s a trade off for having a cleaner face. I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. CORRECTION: after a few months – I’ve decided I’m in favor of the new mechanism. The old one left dangly straps that were irritating and loud when set it on a table. Plus – I’ve never once looked at this bag and thought “agh, I wish I could cinch that shut”. The main compartment just isn’t big enough to warrant it.

    The hook closure this bag take some skill to operate. The loops on the face of the bag are quite tight. There’s definitely no chance of them accidentally coming undone, and that’s nice… but I had a slight learning curve for hooking and unhooking them. Pro tip: unhooking is made easier by “rotating” them off, instead of using lateral force.

    The velcro closure:
    Okay, if you don’t want to use the hook closure there’s another option. The velcro silencing strips are integrated into the bag itself now, which is a cool perk. For the 2013 Command you got velcro silencing strips, but you kind of had to decide if you wanted to use them or not and just leave it that way. The 2015 Command you can switch back and forth easily as you see fit. The velcro closing mechanism only really…

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  2. David A. Rosenthal
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    Command vs. Commute, March 16, 2014

    There are already so many great reviews about this bag, but I thought some might find it useful to know the differences between the Command and the Commute. I owned the Commute for about a year and just switched over to the Command. I travel a lot for work and both are great bags, but I discovered quickly that the Command is much better for me.

    * The Command’s design is much better for holding a laptop and tablet. The equipment simply slides into the pockets, whereas the Commute also has velcro straps. The straps might be good for some people, but I found them cumbersome. and restrictive.
    * The tablet pocket is much bigger in the Command. It easily holds my iPad when attached to a Zagg Cover. The Commute was a very tight fit
    * File folders fit better in the Command. The pocket is deeper and is on the opposite side of the main compartment than the Commute, so there is less chance of them getting wrinkled. The Commute pocket really wasn’t designed for file folders, it seems
    * I love the Command’s power pocket at the bottom. This easily holds my MacBook Pro’s power brick and bulky cord as well as my iPad and iPhone cords. With the Commute, each cord was in a different location of the bag, which was inconvenient.
    * The Command has more pockets and more zippers than the Commute
    * The Command’s strap adjuster clip is bigger and more secure than the Commute’s
    * The Command comes with the silencer strips to cover the velcro, if you wish. The Commute doesn’t have these included with the purchase. I like the option of using the velcro or not, and have discovered that moving the strips up a bit to expose just a portion of the velcro allows the velcro to do its thing while keeping the ripping noise down considerably

    Lastly, I like the material of the Command better than the Commute’s. The Commute’s ballistic nylon, although very durable, makes a crinkling sound and doesn’t lay as flat as the Command’s. The edges curl a bit because the material is so stiff. The Command’s oxford nylon is also very durable but is a bit softer and looks and feels more refined.


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