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  1. Caramalizer
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    Caramalizer (New York, NY United States) –

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    I bought this for a business trip since everyone was advising me to avoid check-in baggage when traveling to Italy. Reading reviews online, I discovered that rolling luggage with it’s longest dimension called out as 21″ seldom means this is the overall size. More often than not, that figure is the case dimension without the wheels, and the latter adds 1.5″ or more. I actually learned first hand by buying another Samsonite that was supposed to be 21.5″, and it measured a little over 23″–definitely beyond some airlines’ 22″ maximum. Amazon.com lists the longest size of this at 19″, and I measure it to be a little less than 21.5″ tall, and less if you force the fabric handle down. I believe this spinner was designed specifically to meet carry-on size requirements.

    So how did it perform in this respect? In Alitalia’s Airbus A330 Business Class, the overhead compartments are very shallow and cannot even accommodate this bag oriented sideways (see photo). That’s not really a problem because you generally get away with non-regulation baggage on Business anyway. In the end the crew just moved it to a floor level storage compartment. At KLM check-in, the bag fit in their test cage, and earned a yellow “Approved Cabin Baggage” tag. I had no problems with it fitting in overhead storage on their Boeing 737 (see photo) and 777.

    Truth be told, my very first impression was: boy is this light! At 5.75 lbs (from Samsonite’s website), this is way lighter than the 8 lb Samsonite Xenon 2 Mobile Office which I use for local travel. Since day one, I’ve felt the Xenon was ridiculously heavy for its size.

    To keep the weight down, some parts do feel flimsy. For example, the lining for the pockets is not stiff enough to stay in place, and I am sure it is just a matter of time before it gets caught in one of the zippers. The telescoping handle also does not inspire a lot of confidence, especially if I plan to loop my Xenon through it and stack it on top. It did survive its first trip without any issues, so we shall see.

    There are some design quirks:
    1. The top of the bag is contoured for looks, so the already-compact compartment is further hampered by one tapering side.
    2. The exterior document pocket above is useful for itinerary, boarding pass and passport. It’s on the narrowest side of the bag, and would have been perfect if it was just shorter. As it turns out, it accommodates a tri-folded letter-sized paper with about 2″ to spare, and this extra height makes passports harder to remove.
    3. The internal elastic straps that hold your clothes down are mounted halfway up the wall of the case, making them really tight on your clothes if you pack to the top–and who wouldn’t on luggage this small? This wrinkles in your top clothes even before you arrive at your destination.

    Another popular site sold this bag for 20% less, but ship out dates were in 1 to 2 days and there was no specific delivery date. I needed it in 2.5 days, and this is where you have to love Amazon Prime. I suspect it is being sold at a premium price because few other spinners definitively qualify as carry-on.

    In the end, I was pretty happy with my purchase and give it 4.5 stars. I do wish this bag came in a neutral color other than black. I would have preferred a grey or brown.

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  2. Reader from California
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    Good quality, but not accepted by airlines as carry on, January 10, 2016
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    Purchased the 19 inch Samsonite Mightlight Spinner in December 2015 and took it on a trip to Europe. I liked many things about it – it is light, sturdy and behaves well. However, it is too big for a carry-on by several airlines rules. Even though I researched carefully the carry-on sizes at British Airways and Lufthansa before purchasing, and made sure that this carry-on was smaller on all dimensions than these airlines’s admissible carry-ons, British Airlines had me check it in. I have not tried it on Lufthansa yet, but the size there is far smaller than that on British Airways so there’s no chance it will fit.

    The problem is the front pocket of the carry on – it is expandable (which is great), however it sticks out even when empty. As a result, the carry-on does not fit into the metal frame that airlines use to check the carry-on sizes. I will try to return it …

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