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  1. Rei Chifuyu
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Wonderful sturdy Violin case with plenty of storage., August 13, 2015
    Neutron (Logan, Utah United States) –

    We purchased two of these. Wonderful as there is no glue odor if you are sensitive to such things. I find that it is a problem with most cases for most instrument…the stench from the materials used to make it. These do not have it. The case itself is great. It has a space for 4 bows. A zippered entry as well as a locking latch, plenty of storage with two compartments on the inside, and one zippered on the outside. Seems very sturdy and it comes in a variety of interior colors. We have a red and a blue, and they are both lovely.

    Great case!

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  2. Anonymous
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Violin Case, March 27, 2014

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    The Eco-Friendly Series Violin Case (Beige), specifically for 4/4 size, is an excellent case. I don’t need to go over the details about this product because whatever that is described, so far, is true. So, what I will be writing on will be more the matter of preferences than it is by facts.

    My Pros:
    +It feels authentic (leather/materials).
    +Very durable.
    +It does its job by maintaining the violin [E.g. The temperature wise, without going out of tune (sometimes I get that and would have to retune it over again), no damage, etc.].
    +Great feel (touch), both externally and internally.
    +Large/spacious compartment for rosin, extra bridge, strings, etc.
    +Store music sheets very well.
    +Solid feeling to the case (you could even knock on it).
    +There is a lock to secure from anyone opening the violin case.
    +Zippers worked delightful (no awful tangles or difficulties).
    +No brand’s name labelled on the outside of the case (it’s in the inside, but it looks great compare to other cases).

    My Cons:
    -It’s somewhat heavy (definitely not lightweight), but that’s probably because I’m weak.
    -It’s expensive.
    -The keys for the keyhole didn’t work very well (I had a hard time taking out the keys. It got stuck for 20 minutes), but that just might be a defective part on my own (It’s a good thing I rarely lock my violin case, but I figure I should let every one knows).

    Overall, it’s a great case for a fair deal. My main problem for buying this product would be the expenses. It cost $295, including the shipping $16.99, just to get this violin case. So, is it worth it? That depends.

    Here are some solutions:
    1.) If you’re going to continue playing the violin for years after years, I would recommend this case anybody.
    2.) If you’re planning to buy an expensive violin, don’t bother buying this case, because I’m pretty sure the case that comes with the violin would be either better than this case or equally great.
    3.) I don’t recommend buying this case simply for looks.
    4.) If you’re a professional or want to be a professional violinist, I recommend buying this case.
    5.) If you love, respect, and wish to treasure your violin for a very long time (10 years or more), I recommend buying this case.
    6.) If you’re planning to show-off your case to your folks or strangers, don’t bother buying this case.
    7.) If you’re rich or have tons of money to waste on something, or money isn’t a problem to you, by all means, buy the case.

    My reason would be #5 solution. I have always love to play the violin as a child, but my parents were too poor to afford a violin. I had to wait until I was in college or, at least, have a job (whether it is part-time or full-time) to buy a violin. I bought this case because I figure I won’t quit playing my violin and would continue to cherish it until the end of my death. I deeply respect my current violin because it’s like my partner. Because of that, I decided to place my violin into a more secure violin case. I’m sure there are plenty of other cases that are better than what I bought, but so far, this one is the least expensive that passed my expectation. I still believe it is expensive, but it’s well worth the money.

    Anyway, my review is solely to let people consider the product and not get into a dilemma of buying it or not (like me). My review is not to encourage or discourage people from buying anything that they are considering. I hope my review was helpful and not a total distraction from buying the case.

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