2 thoughts on “Olympia Luggage 22″ 8 Pocket Rolling Duffel Bag, Red, One Size

  1. John P. Salvaggio
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    Good Bag. I dig it. Larger than it looks., February 8, 2015
    John P. Salvaggio (Boston MA) –

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    I travel frequently, I am a shorter (5’4”) jeans and t shirt dude. this is great for “week” trips without lots of clothing. this bag has great pockets all around and is surprisingly large inside. made of scrabble material, comfortable to hold. Has an ID card slot on the rear. got wheels, straps and the telescoping luggage handle.

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  2. Heart Dad
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    Perfect carry-on bag for that geek in your family., August 5, 2015
    Heart Dad (Phoenix, AZ) –
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    My wife bought a pair of these bags for us and the first thing I asked her was why? We have two perfectly good, 500lb, giant 10 year old luggage bags that look like they’ve withstood a nuclear holocaust. Why did you need to go spend money on something new? With reluctance I kept my dirty, handles missing, flea infested luggage bag in the closet the last time I traveled and brought this one instead.

    + It’s super light. 5-10 pounds at most.
    + It has wheels and rolls. If it falls over while rolling it doesn’t break my fragile programmer wrists from the weight.
    + I’m a software engineer and also a man, in that order. I’ve only worn a t-shirt and jeans since the day I saw my first computer. I can pack about 7 t-shirts and 3-4 pairs of jeans into this sucker. Let’s be realistic though, I only pack 1 pair of jeans because you can wear the same pair for 3 weeks and no one notices. Unless they get close, which they don’t, because…software engineer. My wife on the other hand can fill the bag with the thoughts of the clothes she probably won’t but maybe will think of wearing on Friday.
    + It’s soft and squishy like a duffel bag. This could be a pro or a con depending on what you plan to do with it. It’s a pro if you plan on carrying this bag onto the plane and smashing it into the overhead where it fits perfectly. It’s a con if you’re coming back from San Diego and you plan on filling it with bottles of rare Pliny the Elder beer and hoping the baggage handlers will respect the 27 fragile stickers you put on it. Hint, they won’t.
    – There are tons of little pockets all over it to fill with your knickknacks. They’re small though, you can’t fit much in them except maybe headphones, chargers, stuff like that.
    – It has handles that stick together so that you can carry it like a duffel bag if you want to show off your muscles to the ladies. I prefer rolling it.

    – The handle could come up a little higher. I’m 5’8 not 4’9. I’d appreciate not having to bend over like I do at my desk all day while dragging this bag through the airport (I may be exaggerating a little). I’d like if it came up another 2-3 inches.
    – The wheels don’t rotate. If you take a corner fast the bag can tip over.
    – The handle doesn’t lock when you pull it all the way out. This isn’t a big deal if you always pull your bag but if you decide to turn around and push it, the handle can push in which is kind of annoying.

    Overall it’s a good carry-on bag. It fits into the overhead nicely and it fits a weeks worth of my clothes when I need to travel somewhere for business. Plus it’s a really good price. 4.5 stars.

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