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  1. K. Andrea
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    Exactly what I needed., August 3, 2015
    K. Andrea (Texas) –

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This bag is exactly what it claims: a washable cosmetic bag that converts into an easily transportable handled clutch. I can spread out my cosmetics on its clean surface as desired. It stays dry, and both the lip and the fact that it’s not a smooth hard surface prevent my things from rolling onto the floor.

    Inside of the bag are a small pocket and an elastic band. I’m not sure why the elastic band isn’t in all of Amazon’s product images, but the elastic band did come with my Ocean Blue version and easily holds things like my brushes and my tweezers. The Lay-n-Go’s material is washable, at least for the normal stuff I have spilled on it (eyeshadow, foundation, lotion, etc). Cleaning instructions are sewn into the outer velcro pocket. After each use, I’m able to simply pull the drawstring and the surface folds up into a clutch again.

    I’ve included a picture of it folded and laying flat so you can get an idea of how much I’ve stuffed into it. Note that I also keep the little containing bag with me that the Lay-n-Go comes with just in case I need to further contain a mess since it isn’t a 100% tight seal. That said, I’ve never needed to do it since I have been able to wipe off all of the messes I’ve made.

    – Lay-n-Go with a bunch of stuff on it just to give you an idea of the surface area
    – Lay-n-Go with everything centered for folding up (can’t really fit the brush and the contact lens solution in there when I fold it up without it being too open, but I usually stow the solution in a Ziplock anyway)
    – Lay-n-Go folded up (yes all that stuff really is in there)
    – Containing bag the Lay-n-Go comes in, just in case you want to use yours for something too.
    – Location of the cleaning instructions

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  2. Robert C Ross
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    Not a toy — life changing for a traveling man! (and at home), June 16, 2014
    Robert C Ross (New Jersey) –
    (TOP 500 REVIEWER)

    This review is from: Lay-n-Go Cosmo Cosmetic Bag, Black (Toy)
    And certainly not a toy.

    As a traveling man, this “Cosmetic Bag” has changed my life, not only on the road but also at home. A fellow on Boing Boing’s Useful Tools site suggested it, and I am very glad to report that after two months, one month traveling to Venice, Croatia, and Paris and one month at home and on short trips to New York City, my life is much more secure and peaceful — no more forgetting essentials when I walk out the door.

    The bag opens to a circle about 22 inches with a one inch high “rim” made of the same fabric which is sufficient to hold in smaller items, like keys and small change. The life changer has been to use this bag every single day to put in often used objects — using it at home has made it part of my life (it takes me about 40 repetitions to makes a new behavior into a habit). It’s amazing how much fun it is to see everything I’m carrying except clothes in one place — grab the stuff that goes in pockets, tie up the bag, into my back pack on the road or leave it on the counter at home — and I’m good to go.

    A few comments:

    — It weighs only a few ounces, nothing compared to its convenience.

    — Provides a clean and contained surface; things really stay put and cannot roll off the table.

    — Inside zipper pocket great for a Xerox of my passport, credit and other cards not often used, emergency money and a blank check, business cards, a few self sealing plastic bags, etc.

    — The black version doesn’t show dirt and it is easy to keep clean. Some models apparently have washing instructions that were not included in mine; hand washing in cool water, and then drying either on the counter or on tumble cool dry makes it look good as new.

    — Tough fabric — pens and a small knife did not pierce the fabric.

    — The drawstring doesn’t close the bag completely. It’s possible for small items to fall out but I found two fixes. First, put something, a small notebook, my passport, on top of the pile and pull the strings closed. Two, run the longish strings around the bag to cinch it, then tie a simple knot over the hole; the remaining strings are about 12 inches long and make a great way to carry the bag outside my backpack or suitcase.

    — I put liquid or breakable objects like pills in self closing baggies to prevent them from leaking in case of breakage; a supply of four to six baggies in the zippered compartment takes up no space.

    — There may be cheaper alternatives, but I really enjoy the feel of the fabric, the look of the bag either open or closed, and the great workmanship of not only the fabric and the stitching but how well the strings hold the bag together.

    — I also have a checklist of the stuff I’m carrying just to be sure. At the moment, here’s what’s there on my kitchen counter ready for me to leave the house: passport, car key, house and post office box key, small knife, notebook, two pens, small bottle of cleanser, tooth brush and paste from Air France, two combs, small bottle of essence of lavender, pack of Tums, cell phone, cell phone charger cord and wall plug, three quarters and a 50 kona piece from Croatia.

    — In the zipper compartment: color Xerox of passport, medical information and personal contacts, business cards, $100 in small bills, twenty Euros in small bills, library card, two museum cards, cord and connections to transfer photos from iPhone to computer, USB flash drive.

    Pricey, maybe, but a great way to organize and simplify my life. On the road, it takes me less than five minutes to pack and go, and less than a minute to check for everything before walking out the door. At home, it’s even less — phone, keys, billfold — they are all in the same place every single day.

    Robert C. Ross
    June 2014

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