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  1. J. Sudroff
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    LOVE THIS BAG!!, May 23, 2012
    J. Sudroff (Northwest Indiana, USA) –

    New Review update 5/23/12: All I can say is I love my packback! I had it for two years now, and it has held through nursing school and lugging around those big BOOKS! It just just as good as the first day I got it! I only wish now that I could have the purple one because purple is my favorite color!!! ; ) Trust me, its worth the money to spend on a good backpack. Consider it an investment in your future!

    ************************* Previous Review May 7th, 2010 on the Old Sierra PowerGlide**********
    I am so surprised that there are no reviews on this backpack yet, so I am going to write one in hopes that somebody will read this and maybe this will help their decision to purchase this backpack!

    First of all, I purchased this from […] on their website, and within 48 hours, my new bookbag was on my door step from Fed Ex! TALK ABOUT PROMPT! (And this was just regular shipping, not overnight!) So that REALLY impressed me! I opened up the box in excitement and saw my beautifully colored Sierra Powerglide (I had gotten the Multi-cross colored one, and I am very glad I purchased this color. It will def. stand out from the rest of the book bags!)

    The reason why I purchased this book bag was because I was accepted into nursing school, and for 3 years now, I have been tugging around heavy HEAVY medical science books on my shoulders along with my laptop computer so I could take notes in my pre-requisites for nursing school! So count 3 heavy textbooks, a binder, a computer, PLUS my purse… all that weight adds up! = a very sore student! I’m already 22, don’t want to feel 42! lol. So I thought, why not get a “rolling” “laptop” bag? Something with lots of room in it so I can store all my stuff in it, tug it to school, and not ruin my back in the mean time! Makes sense! And I made a brilliant decision!

    The bag itself has 3 zippered compartments along with a zippered compartment that holds your MP3 player (Good for the music lovers like me!) right on the top, and along the side, there are two compartments that will hold your water bottle or whatever accessories you decide to bring along with you! The water bottle actually fits right in there perfectly and you are able to zip it so you can’t even see it! (This is just a standard plastic .5 L Ice Mountain water bottle that I used in my bag!)

    The pocket on the very front is good for organizing your things (pens.. pencils.. calculator, ID.. key.. phone! Notepad) So that was good. The next zipper is the zipper for your laptop! Now I am using a Hp Pavilion DV6000.. so the screen is about 15.4 inches across, and this fit perfectly in it (even with my slightly bigger battery that I am using on my computer.. it didn’t make a difference in the thickness!) I even have enough room in that compartment to put a few notebooks or a small binder, or even to pack my AC adapter for my laptop in there! This was a HUGE PLUS! If you are purchasing a book bag for a laptop, the Sierra Powerglide is a good choice BECAUSE you want a book bag that places your computer IN FRONT OF YOUR BOOKS! Its a smarter design, and this means less harm for your computer in the mean time! (You won’t have the weight of your books crushing on top of your PC if your computer is in the front, so keep this in mind when you are buying a bag for your laptop!)

    In the main compartment, there is tons of room! You def could fit 3-4 HUGE textbooks along with a binder, and then even some on top of it, as the book bag is pretty tall! (think about putting your lunch there on top of your books on those long school days!)

    And then finally, the wheels are very sturdy, and the straps feel wonderful on my back! I really like the design of the straps as you can choose to hide them when you use handle bar, or when you don’t want to pull your backpack!) But honestly, I can tell you right now that I am DEF going to using the bar to pull this, as this was one of the biggest reasons why I bought this bag! The only thing that I was playing around with was the handle bar. Its kind of tricky getting it to set to the first height (the bar can raise to two heights) but with tinkering around, you can figure it out! Also, in the MP3 pocket, it is also tricky getting your headphones through that little compartment, but that is just all minor stuff!

    Overall, I am very happy that I purchased this bag and I am looking forward to finishing nurse school with this bag and even graduate school! If you have a high course load and you need to find something to tug your stuff around with…. get a bag with more than 3000 cu. inch capacity, or just this one!! HIGHLY Recommend!!!


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  2. Patrick
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    I prefer the Powerglide over the Freewheel, October 22, 2014

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    I prefer the Powerglide over the Freewheel, and here is why.

    Having examined the extendable handle on the Freewheel (which I first ordered and returned), I found it to be somewhat wobbly or not too secure in the base. For example, when I extended it, and jiggled it side to side a bit, it seemed to wobble in the bag a bit at the base, not rigidly secure. So, I felt like I needed to try the Powerglide, since it had two pole extendable handle, and I am glad I did.

    The Powerglide’s handle was more secure to me than the Freewheel, and therefore seemed more durable or able to withstand more use over time (who knows?).

    Secondly, the zippers on the Powerglide seemed better than the Freewheel. I did not like the Freewheel zippers, and felt like they would cause me trouble.

    Third, the shoulder strap enclosure, which doubles as a protective back and bottom cover, so as to not get your back dirty when carrying it on your back, was a very very good addition. The Freewheel did not have this.

    Fourth, overall, compared to the Freewheel, the Powerglide seemed more professional (whatever that means, respectable???), more durable, better featured (the double bar ext handle, back cover dirt flap, bigger, better zippers, etc.).

    However, I preferred the weight of the Freewheel over the Powerglide. The Powerglide is heavier.

    I bought a Mountansmith backpack raincover for this, and got to use it today! It worked, and also I discovered that it was not so hard to carry the Powerglide on my left side using one strap. I only carried it a couple hundred feet. Not planning to carry it far at all on my back.

    If this was helpful, please give it a thumbs up. Then I know I did you right.
    Thank you, Patrick

    UPDATE 2015-09-14

    I just got back from a three month trip to Tanzania. I used this bag on my back, on the road (that were paved??), in taxis, on the planes, etc. It performed well and carried a lot of stuff. such as a projector, a heavy laptop with extended battery, cloths, radio, wireless speakers, etc. Kinda heavy on the back. But the general durability of this bag is good. I also used 3 tsa loop locks on the 3 zippers (thru the cloth loops) just to deter a hey “what’s in here” hotel behind the desk thingy, for some employee tried it right in front of my eyes and would not stop even though I said, Hey get out of there! That’s mine. You are not supposed to look in there! Then I put on the locks right there. I would definitely buy this bag again and have been trying to persuade my wife to get one!


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