2 thoughts on “Full Circle Renew Compostable Waste Bags, 25-Pack

  1. Zeke Ogburn
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    Fragile as can be., November 15, 2014

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    This review is from: Full Circle Renew Compostable Waste Bags, 25-Pack (Kitchen)
    They’re a reasonable strength in my experience, as long as you get them out fairly often, and liquids don’t seem to be a problem. However. they’re prone to tearing after a few days with some weight, and worse yet, a series of bags in the middle of the roll was torn thoroughly. Pulled off 4-5 bags before I got back to ones that were useable.

    Fine if you fill them fast, but it’s closer to 20 bags than 25.

    Update: I had to throw away at least 7 more bags. Each of the last 7+ (I stopped counting at a certain point as I pulled bag after back) tore in the exact same damn way, a split seam sometimes starting in the middle of the bag. Sometimes before I even tried to put something in it – as I was opening them, in fact.

    I threw away at LEAST 12 of these 25 bags. They need to figure out what’s going on at the factory, because these things just caused a mess on my floor over and over.

  2. Elizabeth Van Pelt
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    Works Like a Compost Bag Should!, March 18, 2015
    Elizabeth Van Pelt (San Diego, CA USA) –

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    This review is from: Full Circle Renew Compostable Waste Bags, 25-Pack (Kitchen)
    I use these in my “Chef’n EcoCrock Counter Compost Bin” I am on my second box, and I am loving these bags.

    For years I used Biobags, and while they did an ok job, they didn’t do a great job – they leaked something awful, making a mess of my counter top crock every time, meaning it had to be thoroughly washed to get the goo out every time I emptied it. They worked to keep the stuff together in the crock so it dumped all at once, but that was about it.

    These bags are a bit thicker, and the bottom of the bag contains all but the wetest stuff. When I empty the bag 2 or 3 times a week the mess is usually entirely contained (if it’s a one bag week some liquids may leak out, depending on whats in there).

    I have occasionally carried it out to the compost heap without any support (usually I leave it in the crock inner bucket to carry it), and haven’t had the bag blow out yet. I wouldn’t try carrying it solo with really gooey stuff – these bags are designed to decompose, and with too much wet they will lose some strength.

    During the winter my compost pile runs cold, it’s more of a decompose pile I guess until I get it reved up in the spring with garden waste. The bags have been breaking down nicely even in the cold heap.


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