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  1. -Ashi-
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    Easy to Carry, but Not Carry All, November 19, 2009
    -Ashi- (San Jose, CA United States) –

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    This review is from: Case Logic SLRC-205 SLR Camera Sling (Black) (Electronics)

    After some extensive research and try-ons, Case Logic SLRC-205 Camera Sling Bag is my current favorite bag to carry my small DSLR (Olympus E-620) and two lenses (one attached to the body).

    Case Logic must have a great design team that cares. They seem to put a lot of attention on the design that not only looks good, but also very utilitarian. They keep improving the holder for the camera body with a lens attached in their camera back, the latest hammock design exhibits that. It’s a very simple design that will suit various camera configuration. Such effort deserve to be praised.

    It’s a pleasure to carry this bag. Weight distribution of a sling bag is crucial, as the load is stressed on one shoulder (in this case, left, and there’s no right shoulder option as noted by another reviewer). However, Case Logic SLRC-205 feels like feather when I put it on me with the bag fully loaded (~5 lbs. of equipment).

    In the main compartment, I have put an Olympus E-620 (around the size of Canon XSi/T1i) with Zuiko 14-45mm II (3.5″ long, 3″ diam.) attached with hood reversed. It still has some room at the bottom to store my 50mm macro lens if desired. However, I squeezed my Giottos large rocket Blower Giottos in. It’s a tight fit for that configuration. A larger camera body may have a hard time getting in without removing the neck strap. I had the quick release plate of my tripod attached to the bottom of the camera and it’s a tight fit, but no problem. There is no problem in term of horizontal space.

    In the extra lens pocket I was able to put a Zuiko 50-200mm in (6 1/4″ long, 3.5″ diam.) with its gigantic hood reversed and tripod holder attached, which makes it around 5 1/4″ wide, and the pocket still has some room to spare. The nice little touch about that pocket is it has an elastic band near the bottom. I forgot to zip the bag up once, after I changed my lens, and that elastic band held the lens closer to the bag, saved my precious lens from an irreversible disaster (though a smaller lens might have felt through, so don’t bet your life on it, but it’s a nice contingency design).

    There is also a spare pocket for small things like memory cards, battery and trinkets (I also put lens cleaning pens inside). It is more accessible than the side pocket, which is blocked by the tripod holder. My other gripe about that side pocket is it’s not deep enough for a standard novel-size camera manual. I just wish there is one non-flat type pocket dedicated for larger item such as the rocket blower, and some pen holders for my lens pens. A cellphone/iPod holder on the shoulder strap would be a nice touch.

    There is a filter pocket! I love the design team. They were able to squeeze so many features in a compact bag, and all except the side pocket mentioned are readily accessible when you swing the back to the front, without having to take the bag off (which is the shortcoming of a backpack style bag). The two filter nets inside it hold 67mm filters fine, though the smaller one is better suited for a 58mm filter.

    The tripod holder is wonderful. I have a full-size aluminum tripod (Dolica 62″ Proline with Ballhead) retracted and stored in its dedicated tripod bag. Using the two Velcro closure, the tripod was piggybacked onto the back and doesn’t shift around. The tripod is longer than the sling so I won’t carry a tripod that way to a crowded place. However it’s nice to free your hand if you’re hiking.

    The shoulder strap is very comfortable and well padded. The length control is a bit weird. Instead of that plastic thing you would loop around twice, you pull the extra strap to the desired length and then roll it up like an omelet, then fasten it with a Velcro strap. I prefer the traditional plastic loop (when done right, the loop is actually more secure).

    The interior padding is okay only. It’s not super thick, but should be okay for minor impact. The part I’m more worried about is the spare lens pocket, as it’s more exposed. Main compartment should endure concoction more. The interior material is made of high quality nylon. It feels smooth and I don’t believe it’ll scratch the equipment (just don’t rub the lens glass with it).

    There are handles tactically placed. I don’t feel the content will fall out when using them. While the zippers secure the bags well, but the main compartment’s zipper could be smoother when zipped around the corner.

    Minor gripe. Though Case Logic team deserves the recognition, but I wish the logo can be a little more low profile. It’s not gigantic or hideous, but when I see the sunshine logo, I know who made the bag already. The way it is put now, it looks like a camera bag, which is not something I like to flaunt about…

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  2. Spencer Carruth Clark
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    Great SLR Bag (especially for lenses), June 3, 2010
    Spencer Carruth Clark (Atlanta) –

    This review is from: Case Logic SLRC-205 SLR Camera Sling (Black) (Electronics)
    Hi Everyone,

    So, my wife and I are wedding photographers. We’ve been looking for a good bag for quite a while to carry our camera & lenses. We’ve checked out the other major brands (including crumpler) and many of the more popular choices … and then as came across this one (the case logic SLR sling).

    I have to say, we really love it. So, to point out a few good things:

    1 – It looks pretty good and doesn’t scream ‘camera in here!’ (good when traveling)

    2 – It can easily hold 3 lenses at a time, including the Canon 70-200 2.8L IS. The 70-200 can actually fit in the main compartment with another smaller lens (like the 135 f2 or the 100mm 2.8 macro) or it can fit alone in the extra top compartment – with the hood on backwards! To clarify even more, the 135 + 70-200 with hoods on can fit in the main compartment without a problem (it is tight though, but tight is good). Oh, one last note here – it can hold 4 lenses if packing smartly – 70-200 + 135 in main compartment and 14mm 2.8L + 50mm 1.2L in the top compartment.

    3 – It works as intended. The sling capability (the ability to bring it to your front) is invaluable. It makes is -very- easy to get out the lens you want without taking off the pack AND it can make you feel secure in areas where you want to keep an eye out for pickpockets.

    4 – The quick release clip on the front is just great – hands down, great. If you are just getting to a location, an event is about to happen, you can quickly release the pack, place it on the ground, and be shooting within seconds.

    5 – The material is very nice and breathable.

    6 – The extra small compartments for cards, etc, are very handy. We found ourselves putting keys/memory cards up front and putting more sensitive items behind the tripod strap (which works very well).

    Hands down, we’d recommend this.

    Downside: We had ours altered as we are too small for it to fit. We just had the strap moved up where it connects over the chest. Fits like a charm now. Cost us all of $7.

    Quick last note – for nearly any lens combination, the bag could fit at least three. Such as the 24-70 2.8L + 85 1.2L. We found ourselves putting one lens below the camera holder/sling inside and one above so that they did not hit each other. And then we’d just have 1-2 lenses in the extra compartment. If you want to store your camera in the bag, a 5D Mk II + 24-70, 85 1.2, 100 2.8, 135 2.0, … etc fit in the middle compartment without a problem. In fact, we could fit the 5D Mk II + 24-70 (hood backwards) in the middle compartment (not using the internal sling type device) and still have room to put a 580 EX II flash ontop of it. The only lens that doesn’t fit with the camera body attached would be the 70-200 2.8L IS or any lens of that length.

    For us, we are able to carry 5 lenses, 2 580 EX II’s, and a 430 EX II with radio popper stand in two bags at once.

    Highly recommended – and also highly recommended to have the strap altered so that the bag fits you properly. Otherwise, it can be a waste of money unless you are 6’5″.

    Edit: I should say that we just got back from a 2 week trip for a destination wedding in Europe and these bags were invaluable. We kept our passport, IDs, cash & cards in the inner pocket behind the tripod strap and had no problem. In busy areas, we just slung them around for a bit more security. They were comfortable to wear the entire trip without a problem and carried all the lenses + flashes + tripod + modifiers we needed for the wedding. For just sight seeing, etc, they still held everything we needed (had room to even carry personal items with us, like water, etc).


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  3. A.M.
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    For photographers on the go, November 10, 2009
    A.M. (MD) –

    This review is from: Case Logic SLRC-205 SLR Camera Sling (Black) (Electronics)
    I spent a lot of time researching sling-style DSLR cases and this is by far the best I have seen. I’ve owned one for a few months already and I have no complaints.

    Comfort – adjustable, padded strap allows the bag to wrap around your torso for a comfortable fit. Sometimes I even forget that it’s there. I cannot say the same for the boxy-style camera bags, they just feel out of palce.

    Storage – The main compartment has the hammock suspension system, which I think offers good restraint and easy access to your camera: just unzip the top cover and reach for the camera. The compartment is deep enough to fit a super-tele lens attached to the body, or an attached medium sized prime with room at the bottom for another lens. Another compartment has room for two more medium sized lenses or a lens and a charger. A few more zippered pockets offer room for small gadgets like wireless remote control, USB card reader, some filters, lens cleaning gear.

    Protection – there’s enough padding to keep your toys safe, though I wouldn’t get on crowded bus with it.

    Style – This is the only case I have seen that actually looks great, and not really like a camera bag – bonus points for that; last thing you want is to advertise your stash of expensive toys.

    Worth mentioning – a hook and loop tripod holder; pretty useful for a light tripod, though the bag will get heavy if you’re going on a long hike. Build quality is good, feels like money worth spending.

    Kudos to the designer of this case.

    Update 10/27/15: Still use the case, albeit only for external flash units and lenses and sometimes for my “lighter” gear outings. The original review still stands. Will reiterate that the tripod holder is for very light tripods only – your sling, fully loaded with camera and tripod will cut into your shoulder something awful. I use the Case Logic SLRC-206 for the camera and tripod, which is a full back pack with a side holder for the tripod – it’s excellent.


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