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  1. Y. R. Wu
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    Perfect for shooting on the go, may be awkward for lefties. Customer Service ROCKS!, March 15, 2011
    Y. R. Wu

    This review is from: Case Logic DCB-308 SLR Camera Sling (Black) (Electronics)
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    Summary: Super functional camera bag for the mobile photographer. Outstanding ergonomics and very attractive. Even space for an oversized netbook! Straps hold the sling securely for running and jumping. Single strap is not as comfortable for very long hikes, however.

    UPDATE: The seam where the strap meets the body of the sling has come open, to the point I can put my pinky through. This was after a week of light hiking. I’ve contacted Case Logic, which is owned by Thule, and will report back on the warranty experience. UPDATE: Case Logic gets 5 STARS – they replaced it quickly and conveniently at no cost to me. Upon inspection it’s clear that they have upped the bar tacking on the inside of the pack in this area. My original pack had a date code of November ’10 and this is December ’10.

    I’m accustomed to lugging tons of 35mm stuff, from extra film, lenses and filters to a Vivitar 285HV flash and a mini tripod / shoulder stock. I’m used to an over the shoulder camera bag to hold all my stuff, and this is the first camera bag I’d consider as a replacement.

    Recent outing: Camera body with 18-55mm lens attached, 10-24mm lens, 85mm 1.4 lens, Vivitar 900 shoulder stock, mini tripod, Vivitar 285HV flash. 10.1″ Netbook – room to spare.

    I received this and the Case Logic DCB-309 SLR Camera Backpack (Black) for a side by side comparison. After a few outings I have the following observations

    1) While the DCB309 backpack carries a TON more stuff than the sling (including a 15.6″ laptop) the access to the compartments isn’t as convenient if you are on location. You basically will need to take the backpack off. The sling, on the other hand, pivots around your torso and allows you to access the main compartment while still on your body. Ideal for shooting in a crowd or in awkward situations like in a subway car. There’s an extra handle inconspicuously tucked on this side so you can quickly pull the sling into position. I do a lot of shooting on the run, and if you’re in the woods or in a crowd, there’s seldom a good place to swap lenses or futz with your flash, etc. This gives you in instant “tummy table” to work on.

    2) One shoulder operation feels a little funny – it takes a while to get used to it as it definitely does not feel like a backpack with only one strap. With the second strap in place it’s comfortable enough for longer hikes, though if you’re really carrying a lot of weight, you’ll want a backpack. We had a week long trip in the SF bay area including day hikes in the city and in Muir Woods. This pack was ideal for carrying a single SLR, two lenses, a flash, netbook, maps, etc. I keep the mini-tripod / shoulder stock in a separate pocket and am able to put a skilly botle of water in the tripod pocket, though it did fall out once. Not perfect but it works. I’d still like to see a better way to stow a water bottle since many people who will use this pack will likely be doing a hike of some sort.

    3) Both the sling and backpack were very nicely padded. Not that I tried, but I’d think my gear would be fairly well protected from maybe a 3 foot drop onto a hard surface.

    4) The interior compartment dividers are both very configurable, and also very secure once in place. This definitely adds to the security factor

    5) The interior is a high contrast orange-red. Very nice since it provides a visual reminder to zip up

    6) Both the sling and backpack are styled very nicely – my wife wants to use the sling as a purse / travel bag!

    The strap and the back of the backpack is a ventilated mesh. Still winter over here so haven’t been able to test it for real but will certainly be comfortable for the summer. – UPDATE – It breathes about as well as you would expect, decent but not as good as wearing nothing.

    The one potential downside I see is that if you want to leave a super long lens on your SLR, the sling may not be convenient. For reference a 55-200mm on a Nikon D5000 is fine, but I don’t think the 70-300 would fit.

    I also have a larger netbook, which fits easily in the flat outside pocket of the sling. Very handy for downloading and viewing images in the field. The DCB-209 Backpack fits my wife’s 15.6″ laptop, but I don’t see bringing that out on a hike.

    I’m a righty but one thing I noticed is that the sling is designed to come around your torso from the right. This might be a little awkward for lefties but maybe not if you still pulll the camera out with your right hand (Most cameras have the grip on that side anyways)

    This also comes with a rain cover – ideal for hiking. If there is one thing I would have added, it would be a way to carry water. For now I’m attaching a SIGG bottle to the tripod loop where it dangles and is raher annoying. I do have room inside but am…

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  2. chucelot
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    Great Bag Design, Shoddy Construction/Materials, November 10, 2011
    chucelot (New York, NY) –

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    This review is from: Case Logic DCB-308 SLR Camera Sling (Black) (Electronics)
    Short Review – Great bag design, shoddy construction

    Long Review – This bag is great for travelling. It has a main compartment to hold your slr with one lens attached (I have the 28-135mm), two smaller areas to hold two additional lens, a great place to hold your sunglasses/passport as well as a sleeve area to hold a Galaxy 10.1 tablet.

    Overall, great design as I’m in love with it as I was able to pack all my travel needs into one area.

    Now with reality of using this bag. To make it short, the construction of this bag is shoddy.

    For bag #1, I went on a 2 week trip to Japan and on day 2, the main shoulder strap started to tear. It ripped about 3/4 of an inch and it was obviously due to weight. This bag may have all these great pockets and compartments, but it cannot support the weight if you fill the contents. For the remaining days overseas, I emptied out the bag to carry just the SLR (Rebel T3i), 3 batteries, and my passport. The bag did not rip any further but my disappointment with this bag did not end here.

    After returning to NY, I called Amazon and they were kind enough to send a replacement bag with 1 day delivery. Great!, I thought. I received the bag yesterday and brought it out with an SLR + 28-135mm, 3 batteries. No issues until I returned home.

    As I was opening the main SLR compartment, to my surprise and disgust, the shoelace material that surrounds he main SLR compartment, rips. I spent 15 minutes trying to get the shoelace material reattached to no avail.

    I had enough with this bag, it’s way too much stress over a bag and I’m just grateful Amazon’s customer service is exceptional and allowed me to return this item.

    Once again, I reiterate, the design of the bag is well thought out and I absolutely loved it. It is very functional for your SLR and travelling needs; however, the shoddy manufacturing of this bag really disappointed me.

    Thank you Amazon, Thank you Case-Logic Design Team, Shame on the manufacturing team.

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