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  1. Anthony M
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    The Best Ones I’ve Found, July 13, 2015
    Anthony M (Morgan Hill, CA USA) –

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    These are the best of the Neoprene pouches I’ve tried so far – many of them highly rated.

    These get used exclusively for photo gear. I store everything from lenses to ball heads to rails to panning and leveling bases, clamps etc.

    I know my photo gear has got a good home – and a safe one. While I’d have to say many have the same drawstring and clip at the top, there are a couple of differences. What sets these apart at first glance is the deep purple fabric lip, double stitched on a nice, beefy neoprene body. What I really like about these however is all of the ones I’ve gotten elsewhere have a fabric interior, these have a plush liner. It’s extra soft, and I wouldn’t mind if glass were to make contact with it. If for some reason a containment got inside of it, this would act as an extra barrier as it most likely wouldn’t sit on the surface as it would on plain fabric. Also, the soft liner doesn’t shed, which could have been a potential problem. It’s an excellent micro-material and feels just fantastic. I’d like a blanket made out of this stuff!

    BTW, I see a complaint about this interior shedding. I can tell you mine absolutely does not do this. From lenses to ball heads and clamps – all black and varying materials, there’s no fibers of any sort. Typically, this sort of microfiber doesn’t shed – and even when pulling on it I cannot get any to come off try as I might.

    Now, don’t get the impression that the extra large one is going to fit your 70-200/2.8 IS lens with hood or collar. This should be pretty obvious from the sample photos. a 70-200/4 would probably fit with a hood, but not with IS. It would also fit a Tamron 70-300/4-5.6 VC with the hood on for use. I use it for my leveling bases and rotating clamps. I use the extra large one for a fairly large macro focusing rail. The large model fits my Tamron 70-300/4-5.6 VC perfectly, with hood reversed. The medium size is perfect for a ball head from a mid 40’s up to mid 50’s. It would also fit a normal sized prime lens. The small is small, and will fit small primes and classic primes.

    I hope that they come out with wider versions next. I would take all of my Canon L lenses out of the cheap leather socks they supply and put them in these things. Luckily, Sigma supplies excellent soft cases so I’m good there.

    To top it off there’s a nice micro fiber cleaning cloth – you can never have too many of these things! Great for lenses, glasses and cleaning any of your photo gear. This one went into one of my camera bags.

    – inexpensive
    – good sizes
    – look nice
    – soft liner
    – nice micro fiber cleaning cloth
    – Guarantee: Altura Photo products are designed and manufactured to meet the highest industry standards of performance and quality. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with any Altura Photo product we will take it back without questions or hassles.

    – Need a wider series

    All in all a great product – and this will be the one I buy again. If you’ve got standard sized primes and zooms (ie. EF-S and Sigma DC series) these will do just fine. If you’ve got big L lenses with stabilization, they’re not wide enough. The photos they use for examples are spot-on, so use those for your guide. 5 stars.

    *** Update ***
    I’ve already ordered another set.
    I’m not at all convinced of the shedding issue, although I must say it worried me at first until I actually saw the material in person and used the cases.

    *** Update 11/15 ***
    I ordered the large 4 piece set, as I’ve acquired or been sent some gear for evaluation. I’m loving having all my clamps, rails, plates, heads etc. coddled in luxury. 2 New comments. 1) nothing eventful has happened with these – a few get used out in the field. 2) the latest batch is a very different purple color. The first were a deep, almost burgundy purple. The latest batch is lavender. Much closer to what is pictured (you can see my photos). The lining matches. So I suppose the only addition I have is that there seems to be some variation in batch-to-batch dye lots, but the quality seems identical. I’m actually fine with this, as it helps differentiate the contents.

    As I wound up with so many of these and keep them in drawers, I’m using colored Carabiner clips on these so I can quickly identify which one has what in it. Markable key tags on key rings could also help. I’ve done something similar with my Canon lenses, as all the gray bags look pretty much identical!

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  2. Christine
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    Great lens cases, January 12, 2015

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    Great lens cases! The smallest fits my 50mm, the next was great for the 18-135, next size fits the 55-250 with a little room to spare. The largest would probably fit the camera (canon T5i) without the lens. Nice quality with duffle closure that stays secure. Offers nice protection for those expensive lenses!!
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